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These Edits Somehow Didn't Make the Final Cut

Girl in the Bedouin Tent - Annie West
Clarissa Stacia Explains it All.

Yes, I am dating myself with that reference.

As I was reading GitBT, I found myself changing the meaning of scenes in order to entertain myself. Entire passages of dialogue and bland scenes were spiced up in my head as I made the Sheikh more of a jackass and the woman less intriguing than she was supposed to be. 

Here's the book as I saw it :

The book states - Amir had his pick of gorgeous women on six contents. He chose his own bed partners.

Translation - Amir knew that he had hos in different area codes.

The book states - Unusual was right. In Monte Carlo, Moscow or Stockholm her coloring wouldn't warrant a second glance.

Translation - Men always want what's different. If you feel unattractive, move to another country where people don't look like you, and you'll be an instant bombshell.

The book states - She'd stabbed him!

Translation - Foreplay!

The book states - "I prefer my women willing."

Translation - Fear and wealth make everyone willing. You'll get there soon enough.

The book states - "Come! You need sustenance." He didn't quite click his fingers, but his abrupt gesture made her step automatically towards a low, brass-topped table.

Translation - "Bitch, get over here!"

The book states - He trusted her with the blade? Or was it a trick to lull her into relaxing?

Translation - He thinks you're so weak, he'd have no problem overpowering you.

The book states - Her only hope lay in not giving up. She still had to find a way out of here.

Translation - Her only hope lay in getting laid.

The book states - It must appear we spent the night as lovers.

Translation - I have a rep to protect.

The book states - Amir shuddered as desire racked him.

Translation - He really had a seizure.

The book states - She dropped to the ground, her legs opening in perfect splits. Desire surged. He wanted her wrapped around him.

Translation - My translation would be the same here.

The book states - Only days ago the thought of Amir looking at her desire had made her reach for a knife. But now.

Translation - But now, she reaches for a vibrator.

The book states - Some strange version of Stockholm Syndrome?

Stacia thinks - You wish the explanation was so easily explained. That's all you.

The book was fine - everything was pretty much surface level, so we never got to really see more to the characters beyond basic and weak sexual tension. If I'd read Girl in the Bedouin Tent before I'd read Sheikh's Scandal, I might have given a more satisfactory rating. Even while Sheikh's veered off course with some hard-to-believe moments (not buying that a man abstained from sex for 3 years for a woman he didn't care about, when he had a harem at his disposal), at least I felt like there was some weight to the story itself, cheesy as it was at times.