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Gone Baby Gone

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn




Well played, Gillian Flynn. Well played. You got me in the end.

Despicable characters. Dangerous games. Astronomical fallout.

It was kind of romantic. Catastrophically romantic.

What's this story about? Okay, here's the deal. A chick goes missing. Her husband is suspected of making her disappear. The story starts with a dual PoV from Amy in the past (diary entries) and Nick in the present. Things go from there. The reader is left to try and figure out how big of a role Nick did or did not play in Amy's disappearance. Is she even dead? 

I'm almost laughing at my original status update about Amy. My feelings changed and changed and changed - liking her, disliking her, coming full circle, then moving away again. Where did the wheel stop? I'm not telling. 

"I'm the bitch who makes you better, Nick."

Nick. I think it's safe to say that no matter what the outcome was (if he did it or not), he was just gonna be that character you love to hate. 

"You two are the most fucked-up people I have ever met, and I specialize in fucked-up people."

That's all I can say without spoiling. 

Oh, WAIT...there were lots of random musings which were great. These people were over-thinkers, but I kind of liked it in this story. 

Complaints...hmmm...the amount of all-knowing coming from both sides got tiring, but it's obvious that so much of the setup was born from character deficiencies, so I could excuse some of it away.

The ride was one I don't think I'd go on again, but I'm glad I took the trip. 

We are one long frightening climax.

Now I can see the movie and annoy my husband because I know what's going to happen and he doesn't. *edit* NM - the movie is changing the ending... WTF?!?