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Oops, I Did it Again (forgot to review)

Vain: Book One of The Seven Deadly Series (Volume 1) - Fisher Amelie

I'm not sure what happened. I read Vain 2 or 3 weeks ago (don't even remember now) and UHHHHH...didn't review the thing?

I'm sure that I have quotes marked in my copy, but the distance of time has me super lazy to care enough to go pull them up.

Condensed Review Version : 




The cons -

Simplistic writing
Some minimal editing issues
Cringe-worthy start (almost DNF'ed) for the first few chapters (but I get the point the author was trying to make, so it's forgivable)
A character who unbelievably changed overnight (would have liked to have seen a slower change) from spoiled rich brat to empathetic, hard working, mature woman

The pros -

Very readable
Tugs at the heartstrings
AWESOME, strong, HUMBLE, caring, male lead
Attention brought to a part of the world that westerners could stand to learn more about

The second half of this book was a powerhouse of emotion. Seeing a materialistic girl become a person who cared about orphans whose lives were ravaged by war and genocide took the typical YA/NA contemporary standard and threw it out the window. 

While not perfect in execution, this story got the focus off of generic teen problems and took the reader to another place entirely. Even with the hiccups, I have to credit an A for effort.