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Who Wants an Erotic Snuggie?

Sheikh's Scandal (The Chatsfield) - Lucy Monroe
*cue Barry White music*

Sayed's body was so close his outer robes brushed her. Her breath came out in a shocked gasp.

I'm waiting for the infomercial advertising an erotic Snuggie. I'll be the first one to order.

Since I can not account for any sort of cultural accuracy, I will skip right on past how correct the story representation was and get right to the heart of the matter - WHERE was the harem? There was a harem mentioned in the book's synopsis. I think that was about the same amount of mention in the book as well. I was wanting to see a man who had a bunch of women at his beck and call. Because I'm weird like that. It sounded kind of cool though, the idea of a story where a man has a ton of women, but notices one who isn't rolling with his crew. Right? 

This man wasn't a player. He didn't even really have pimp skills. Aaliyah called him an alpha, but I didn't see it outside of a few "you will not question me" moments. He was just a normal, nice, and hot guy who happened to be good in the bedroom. Hey, I'm not complaining. I look for these types of men in stories because they are rare breeds...but I think I was expecting something else completely. 

The guy hadn't had sex in 3 years. What??? 

Where was that harem again?

Anyway, back to the story. Sheikh's Scandal was surprisingly a lot of fun. This couple bonded over shots (alcohol, not gunfire) and conversation. I liked how down-to-earth their coupling was. Even though there was a very strange "need you now, even though I just met you" vibe to start, these two took some time to laugh it up and get to know each other, even as they were looking at moving forward to doing the horizontal bed dance. 

I'm sure at least a few of us can relate to that exact scene. Those are some fun times, indeed. Drinks make people looser? Who knew? Oh wait, we all did. 

I'm writing a review for the publisher, so it's probably not in my best interest to mention that I associate Harlequin presents books with standard cheese-of-the-month. But in Sheikh'sdefense, this actually worked in the book's favor, since I knew going into the read to expect a fair amount of cheese. 

The cheese didn't bother me. Fun times can cancel out some of the predictability. Plus, a little cheese can add to the entertainment factor. I like the idea of having a drinking game every time the words "big hands" or "big body" are used.

She'd never heard of brown fire before. (used to describe Sayed's eyes)
Neither had I. Because fire isn't ever brown.

Electric shocks had gone straight to his instant erection. 
Is this supposed to be a good thing? It actually sounds quite painful to me.

"I've never had sex in an elevator," she admitted like it was a deep, dark - even shameful - secret. 
Neither have I. I also haven't had sex on a roller-coaster, OR on the back of a horse. I FEEL SO ASHAMED! Do I get points back for having had sex on top of a hay bale stack or on top of a police car? 

"You were smoother than jazz."
"Smoother than jazz? Really?"
She shrugged. "No music is smoother."
"Perhaps I should be happy you didn't compare me to custard."

Yep. They did go there.

Desire riding him harder than a runaway camel in the desert. 
No matter how many times I read that sentence, it comes out sounding perverted in my head and I picture the camel riding the guy. 

See? It was all kind of amusing.

All kidding aside, the story was sweet and held my interest. For what it was, I liked the read. The basic theme of falling for a man himself and not his power and position is a love story that will resonate with many readers. I would want to try out this theme again sometime - but ONLY if there's a harem present. 

Thanks Ash for jumping in and reading with me!

This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All quotes taken from the pre-published version and may be altered or omitted from the final copy.