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Awesome Idea. Bland Coupling.

Escaping Eden - Yolanda Olson, Melissa Cheslog

This review contains adult content.


When I first saw that this short story was about a hot, nerdy guy and a wild child chick who wanted to teach the guy a thing or two about women, I thought : SOLD.

There wasn't really anything glaringly wrong (it was a basic guy meets girl story), but there wasn't much to draw me in either. I half expected Eden to be crazier than she was, and I honestly hoped for Simon to be more "girl awkward" than he was.

...and I really didn't expect this from him : Simon pulled back for a moment and looked up at me with a goofy grin. "Not yet, Eden. Let me savor your sweet taste. Your tight moistness before you climax."

Did anyone else find that phrasing a little...uh...weird? Or was it just me?

I wondered if she found Simon's goofy grins endearing, like how a puppy expression would be cute? My juices flowed out, coating him. Simon held me for a few more seconds, before laying back down and giving me a goofy grin.

We won't even get into the other reason why I was not a fan of that passage. Hint : it has to do with the mention of juices.

And one last thing : 

Baby making in a short story? Sigh. Please, no. 

(show spoiler)


Again, I don't have any severe or harsh feelings. I just wasn't into it either. If you want to read a nerd guy/rebel girl story, maybe you'll be interested. I'm going to try to see if I can find something else with this theme and hope that I like it better.