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Needs moar rawwwrrr

To Tempt a Viking - Michelle Willingham

We could have used a little more Viking RAWRRRness here (mentions of praying to Thor and Freya weren't enough to satisfy my cravings), but I'll take any little crumb I can get while I'm waiting for season 2 of the show Vikings to come back on the air.

While To Tempt a Viking could possibly be read as a stand-alone, I'd recommend picking up book 1 of the series first in order to get the full impact. I don't know if the back story of Elena and her husband will resonate as strongly if you start with this book.

What I do like about these books is that they're easy and enjoyable reads full of inner turmoil and forbidden love. This story runs the same timeline as book 1, but tells the continuation of the side characters who were left behind in the prior installment. 

This is probably one of the best executions of the trials of infidelity which I've ever come across. The concept of black and white, good or bad, is not so obvious here. The reader gets to see a story of one marriage gone wrong and how it has an effect on four different people. In order to move on, everyone has to come to terms with what went wrong in the first place.

You end up feeling for these characters and want each of them to find their happy-ever-after.

I was surprised by the twist near the end where a small child comes into play. Anyone with a soft spot for children will find another character to root for.

I would love to read more books from this author. She's found a way to tap into the real trials of being human and adapt these trials to fit within the confines of the past. I can see the world she's drawn in my head and I love watching these Vikings in their day-to-day routines. It's just as much about being a witness to how a culture lived and worked and played as it is getting to witness an emotional love story. The only thing I truly missed was the Viking divide-and-conquer RAWRness which I've found in other Viking books. But I can't complain, because I adored the story in spite of that lack.

This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.