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My shame is complete

Raw - Belle Aurora

I'm going soft. I can't believe I'm about to give a middling rating strictly based on some sort of connective emotion for a book which my brain is screaming at me to hate.

Honestly, I can't figure it out. The writing was sloppy in places, so many generic terms and nicknames were used, and we even had a TSTL heroine. Any one of these things alone can cause me to 1 star a book, and this time it was as if the "Stacia hates it" trifecta was out in full force.

Yet, here I am, not hating the book, even if I was hating on the main character. It was as if she didn't even want to try to consider common sense at all. Do I give her bonus points for knowing that she was part of the problem? I don't know.

"You, my dear, are a stupid ho."

Twitch was a horrible person, but he never claimed to be otherwise. I can get down for reading about characters who are who they are and make no apologies for it, even if what they are is nothing above despicable. At least evil isn't always boring. 

"The world needs villains too."

What else drove my rating down : It always comes back to the heroine not taking enough time to think things through in her head. Look, I get the notion of acting without thinking. Most of us at one time or another have jumped feet first into a relationship or situation without considering the consequences. But after the initial warm fuzzies wear off, common sense starts kicking in. And if it's not kicking in, someone, somewhere is going to let you know at some point along the way that you are making a huge mistake (that's what friends and family love to do - tell you that your choices are shit). Oh wait, the friends in this story were unable to see what was wrong either. 

Guess it sucks to be you, Lexi.

Speaking of the friends - the chapters with Lexi and her friends were boring as hell. Skim, skim, skim.

Random complaints : I am not buying that a 6 year old not only knows how to carve a name into a tree, but was able to remember and spell out a long (full) name having only heard it once. My kid is right around this age and yeah...it's not happening.

Also, the description of Lexi on coke sounded more like she was doing acid. Just sayin...

Why I still kept reading : I wanted to know how this train wreck could possibly turn out. What happens when the stalker with an agenda ends up questioning his own agenda?

The story itself had something which kept me interested enough to keep reading. The idea was a good one. I was instantly curious about the guy in a hoodie who was watching Lexi, especially after reading the prologue and knowing right away who he was, even when she didn't have a clue. 

The build to the reveal at the end had me wondering if there was any way this couple could find a way to make it work, which is a point to the good side. I like to be strung along a little like that. 

I actually thought the ending was a suitable one. It appears some people didn't like how the story wrapped up, but for me, it was a good stopping point. I honestly hope that this DOES NOT turn into an instance where the fans pressure the author for a book 2. The story can't go to a good place from here without getting tedious or repetitive. It's up to us as the reader to imagine what comes next. And I already decided in my head what has happened, so I don't want to be told otherwise that this isn't the case.

Who should read this book? Fans of anti-heroes, sociopaths (wait, are there actual fans of sociopaths?), or taboo mind fuck erotica with an emphasis on unconventional romance.

Who should not read this book? All of my fellow picky reader friends. You know who you are. Normally, I'd be on board with all of you in slamming the cliches present here, but I somehow found myself drawn in to the story in spite of the normal annoyance factors.

Okay, I'm officially getting off the taboo contemporary book train for a little while. It's been a weird ride this week. I'm ready to go back to the land of something else for the time being.