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A is for All Over the Place

A is for Alpha Male - Laurel Ulen Curtis

Talk about a complete flip from the last book that I read. With the last book, I delved into the first couple of chapters assuming that I'd love the book and ended up not really liking it. With this book, I was a couple of chapters in and ready to DNF the thing. I figured if I kept reading, I'd end up giving out a big fat 1 star rating. The first few chapters were embarrassingly awful. It took me a while to warm up to the story because of it.

There were two immediate "uh oh" flags :

1. Kristen Ashley fangirling. Uh...is this really worth basing a book on? I don't think so. 

2. A mother effing "perfect guy" list. This is one of the biggest flaws with romance novel expectations in general - the idea that these "larger than life" heroes are going to somehow transfer well to the real world. Newsflash : in real life, most of the leading book men would be HORRIBLE partners.

Anyway, back to the book...to my surprise, after I got past my frustration with the list, I realized that I had started laughing. The humor is very spazzy and all over the place, similar to The Unidentified Redhead. But I liked how the characters eventually started to discount the list that they'd made for themselves. Idiocy gave way to common sense. And hijinx ensued.

"You jedi-alpha-mind-tricked me!"

Sure, there were several eye rolling moments...why anyone would add "uses nicknames" to their list as a GOOD thing, I don't know. A cute term of endearment is fine, but I actually hate the use of terms like baby and daddy (yeah, KA actually used daddy in a book *shudder*). I guess to each his own. But it's not for me. I'd rather a couple have a term of endearment which comes from their own personal story (and not overuse the darn nickname) than throw out a generic 'babe' all over the place. While I think "Hales" and "Danno" were kind of dumb nicknames, at least it was personal, so I'm only halfway weirded out by those. 

I couldn't get over the main character referring to her mom as Allison instead of mom. When she was speaking to her mom, it was mommalicious or mammajamma (again, ridiculously unnecessary), but when she was narrating in her head, she switched to the name Allison. At first, it was almost confusing, as if her mom were two different characters. When I think of my mom, she's mom, not her name. If I were to narrate a book with her in it, I would assume my audience would be okay with me calling her mom.

Moms before Doms.

But for what it was...the story was cute, if sort of one-note (the road trip was almost pointless because the only good part of the story involved Hayley and Dan). Danny was a great guy and the pairing was a fun one. 

"Listen, nobody out smartass-es me, so you're going to have to turn it down a few fucking notches."

It's nothing to write home about, but..if you're looking for a simple love story with several cute (if spazzy) and laughable moments, you might find yourself having fun with this book. 

I wasn't exactly an employee of Small Plastic Penis Paraphernalia Enterprises.

Although, I don't think I'm going to read Allison's (the mom) book. While I found Hayley to be a comical firecracker, her mom was kind of spacey and odd.