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In a strange twist...

One & Only - Viv Daniels

I ended up being the person in a group buddy read who liked the book, instead of being the person who hated the book.

Quick story rundown : A college age girl is forced to keep her identity a secret because her father has another family somewhere out there. The guy she loved and lost (and hopes to love again) is now involved with someone else who has the potential to ruin the secret.

What does it say about me when others are hating the main character and I'm thinking that I was a lot like her at that age? Does that make me unlikable? Hah. Who knows?

Apparently, I had questionable morals and ethics as a young person. I would have gone for what I wanted too, and probably been even more ruthless about it. 

The only thing that pissed me off about the story was Tess's motivation to keep quiet for so long. I would have blown everyone's secrets out of the water at the start of the book - because I'm ruthless like that.

Hey, it wasn't a great book or anything, but I thought the story was okay enough. It sucked less hard than most of the recent NA contemps I've read. If you hate most NA contemps, it's probably a crapshoot whether you'll like this or not. I see that a few trusted reviewers have rated One & Only higher than the average NA, so there's obviously something here which might appeal to people who are wary to read the category. If you like NA contemps, then I'd consider adding this book to your list, because I do think it's better than a lot of the standard offerings in the category at the moment. 

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