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Picky Bitch Strikes Again

Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino

Adult review for erotic content.

...and the first book of the New Year was just shy of the mark.

Some days I really hate my frequent inability to get on board the happy "everyone else loves it" bandwagon. The only thing about this book that made me happy was the humor, which was the sole reason I rounded up, not down.

"Are you in the closet again?"
"What? I've never been in the closet."
Sam did his best to keep his voice calm and level. "Did you slam yourself in the hall closet in a huff and are you currently standing there talking on the phone to me? Again?"
There was a long pause. Nik cleared his throat. "Yes."

This author has a great voice. Her style of writing is very readable, and the quips roll out quite effortlessly. In fact, I was sure I was going to go 4 stars plus on this book during the first half...until the entire thing got to be repetitive and I found myself skimming by the 75% mark.

The biggest disconnect for me was in the story. I felt like I was reading the same scenes over and over, and I'm not just talking about the sex.

Sam was insecure.
Ian had to fix it.
Sam was insecure.
Ian had to fix it.
Sam was insecure.
Ian had to fix it.

And then there was...ball fetish, ball fetish, anal feasting, ball fetish. Okay, so I'm sort of kidding on that. There were plenty of actual sex scenes not involving ball admiration. I just think that I threw up in my mouth a little every time huge balls, hanging balls, or hairy balls were mentioned (the same way I do in other books when authors have to go on and on about the veins in a penis). Men are hot - ball sacs are not. I get that we all have our body part turn-ons (I unashamedly have a thing for male nipples), but there are some fetishes I'd rather not read about. This is one of them.

I think I would have enjoyed this book more if it had gone one of two routes :

1. The story had brought in more character conflict outside of the couple's are-they-or-aren't-they attraction to each other.

2. The story had been ditched altogether in favor of becoming a porn-without-plot erotica in about half of the page length. When I read a lot of hot sex, I want to get in, get my fill (hah), and get out. I actually get bored reading one sex scene after another and another. The amount of sex-to-story in this book killed it for me because I think the couple could have arrived at the same conclusion after the third or fourth time of hooking up.

BUT...the humor was great. So there was that.