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There's a reason why we only have one childhood

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. - Judy Blume

No Boyz Allowed!1!!!1eleven!1!!one!1!!

4 stars for my love of the book as a child.

2 stars for how it reads now as an adult.

= 3 star average.

I was cleaning out my stuff and found this book and had a sudden urge to revisit my childhood. 

As a child, this was one of those books that I read over and over (probably because my mom didn't want me reading it). I was probably about 9 or 10 when I snuck (wait, this isn't a word? why am I getting spell-checked?) Are You There God? into my house. 

It put the fear of periods and bras into my head. No joke. I was about as clueless as Punky Brewster on her first trip to get the self-proclaimed "over the shoulder boulder holder."

Thankfully, I got over it by the time I was about 12 or so, or my teen years would have been horriffic.

This read is pretty outdated (maxi pads with belts? I thought my mom's stick tampons were antiquated), but I did have a laugh over the fear of being the last one in a group of friends to get their period. 

If only I could have warned my pre-pre-pre-teen self : No, really. Be happy if you're the last. 

It was a fun trip down memory lane, but I think it's one I won't be taking again.