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Everyone else has abandoned ship. Yet here I am.

Revealed (House of Night, #11) - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

I don't even have an "in my defense" argument. I know these books suck hard for so many reasons - whether it's the lame speak, the immature behavior, the characters who fail to use their brains, or horrific stereotypes being reinforced.


BUT I still think the adventures are fun. This is why I keep reading.


AND the writing has mellowed out quite a bit. The "eye roll to page count" ratio has dropped significantly over the past couple of books.


AND something I've wanted to happen since the beginning happened. Maybe the bus didn't drive off the cliff, but at least one character got smacked down, and I make no apologies for being happy about it.


It's no surprise that my least favorite scenes were with Zoey and Stark (I really can't stand them). It's also no surprise that my favorite scenes were ones featuring Rephaim and Kalona.


Ah, Kalona. I would do bad, bad things to you.

Momoa as Kalona
"Impressive," Kalona said dryly. "But if you don't stop sparkling and shouting, your warning will be witnessed by all of midtown Tulsa."

Random Notes :


I didn't mind the crude speak in this book in certain parts, but also hated it in others. I'm constantly around teenage boys, and know they say a lot of things that their mommies would be shocked to hear. It's just the nature of the beast.


~ The scene with the kids outside of the HoN looking for "hot vampyre pussy" actually made me laugh.


~ The exact same language when coming from an angry Dallas made me cringe because it was so disrespectful and seemingly used to drive a point home through shock value, which I didn't like.


I still don't like it that Zoey has so much influence, when she can't figure out her own issues. If vampires ever end up existing, I hope the people in power are the ones who know a little bit more about life than this chick.


At least the series is almost done. I've made it this far - might as well finish it out.