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I'm fighting off the urge to quote Samuel L. Jackson

Parasite - Mira Grant

The infamous Snakes on a Plane quote kept running through my head while reading this book, except swapped out with the word "worms" instead of "snakes." There weren't actually any parasites on a plane though (even though there were a lot of them), so I am refraining.


So, Parasite...it's kind of like The Host, except with a believable breakdown and a more polished writing style. Yes, I know that parasites and aliens aren't exactly the same thing, but the concept of a taking over a human body through a worm connecting to the brain gave me a few flashbacks, even if the story is completely different.


I have a thing for stories which keep me guessing about who is trustworthy, or if anyone is who they seem. Sometimes I over-think things and make mountains out of molehills, but it's still fun when you aren't always sure of who is telling the truth, and you spend your time coming up with theories in your head.


I will add more to my review later when I have time, but for now : it was good.


This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.