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I'm sitting on this side of evil today.

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

Why, you ask? Because I know that Bold Tricks comes out in a few days and I think I'm going to be looking forward to the public reaction of this book. Of course, there will be at least a few pre-determined fangirl reviews, but I'm thinking that we'll also see at least a few pissy rants. 



I look forward to the rants. Speaking of rants, did anyone else think one of the characters had at least one or two moments which seemed off? Or was that just me? I don't think I cared enough to be pissy about it, but I'm curious to know if other people are going to be upset.


Bold Tricks wrapped up the Artists' trilogy fine enough for me. While we never quite got back to the heart-stopping moments of book 1 (other than one nerve-wracking scene near the end), I got some closure and can proudly say that I managed to finish another series (this seems to be happening less and less for me lately).


I wish that I had more happy fan moments to add to my review, but I don't have any big highs or lows to report. The story had its moments of action and suspense, as well as a few steamy scenes, so I had enough to keep me from dropping a bomb on the entire feedback process, even if I didn't enjoy the final installment nearly as much as the first two of the series.


As usual, Karina Halle threw in a few sarcastic gems, as well as some beautifully written moments of conversation between her characters. I find myself going back and re-reading certain passages because she comes up with these random observations or descriptions which make me do a double take. Some of my favorite quips were about Javier, however his were almost too much of a given because of how extreme of a character he is, so I'll throw out a Camden gem.


"Can you still see?"

He smiled, all beautiful white teeth, full lips, and dimples. "I'm nearsighted. Which means I'll be a lousy shot until I get a new pair of glasses or some contacts. But at least I can see you clearly. The things up close. The things that matter."

Boom. There went my heart.

In the middle of a Mexican convenience store.


There was just as much action this time around but I think I found myself less interested in the actual story itself. I felt like the first half was one thing and the second half was recovery into a place I didn't necessarily want to go. 

I about died at the "want to put my baby in you" line and the subsequent baby shopping. I could have done without that entire angle.

(show spoiler)


And my moments of wtf-ery included moments of cock impaling, walls gripping and milking, and taking someone to the hilt. Sigh. No, just no. I really want these over-used sex scene catch-phrases (that I see in far too many books) to die out soon.


At least the "addiction" line felt more like a joke, so I won't have to add it to my hall of fame love/drug/sex list.


Even with some minor complaints this wasn't a bad book and it worked well enough for a series ender.


This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Quotes taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted from the final version.