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Undone Rebel (Undone Lovers, Book One)

Undone Rebel - Lila Dubois Adult review for erotic content."You don't seem like the kind of woman who's afraid of a little pain, or who doesn't know how to see the beauty and pleasure in things other people find strange."Addie is one tough cookie. She wants things her way or no way. When an out-of-the-box job offer comes along for this rockabilly fashionista, she almost turns it down. Modeling for a BDSM style book was not part of her normal repertoire. Thinking it to be just a step away from porn, this sassy princess turns her nose up at the deal...until the handsome (and soooo not her type) Lane makes it almost look appealing. Could she dare think of exposing herself from the inside out to the world?Meet AddieThis girl on fire appears to be no submissive at first glance. Lane thinks otherwise. And so the battle of the sexes begins...My thoughts :I'd say this was a pretty basic intro to the world of BDSM. The first half almost read instructional - a little bit of "do this, do that" if you will. Addie's attitude didn't bother me at first because I've been around enough females who are unsure about BDSM and have questions about what exactly goes down. Not everyone would necessarily know how far off from "porn" it is if they had no experience with it. BUT...even I was starting to get frustrated with Addie after a while. Either you do want to participate or you don't...continuing to call it porn even after you've signed on to experiment showed a small twinge of immaturity.The sex itself was okay. Nothing about the initial play really lit my fire but it was sensual in parts. I much preferred when the story moved on from being BDSM 101 to more of a cute contemp romance near the end. All in all, Undone Rebel was not a bad little short."Did you mean it?""Mean what?""That it's the strong women who need to let go, who need this time to not think. Not play games.""Yes, and they're always the most beautiful when they submit.""And after, are they...different?""No." Lane chose his words carefully. "After, they're whatever they want to be, because the way I play means leaving it in the bedroom."