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Trainspotting 1st (first) edition Text Only

Trainspotting 1st (first) edition Text Only - Irvine Welsh I'm a little confused about why I'd had the other edition reviewed, when I didn't read the John Hodge after-movie version. *delete, delete, delete*If I hadn't seen the movie first, I probably wouldn't have even tried reading the book because the language difference is not the most accommodating to read in print. The writing works for the people, place, and lifestyle that's being shown, but it's definitely easier to understand when you have the movie to refer to in your mind. I will say that after a few pages it did get easier, once I started to figure out which words meant what.If you missed out on this movie back in the mid 90's, here's a basic rundown :Heroin addicts struggle to live life while fighting their addiction. The movie (and book) is gritty, bleak, raunchy, sexy, funny, and heartbreaking. This paragraph sums it up in a better way than I'm capable of -Syringe, needle, spoon, candle, lighter, packet ay powder. It's all okay, it's all beautiful; but ah fear that this internal sea is gaunnae subside soon, leaving this poisonous shire washed up, stranded up in ma body. Ah start tae cook up another shot. As ah shakily hand the spoon ower the candle, waitin for the junk tae dissolve, ah think; more short-term sea, more long-term poison. This thought though, is naewhere near sufficient tae stop us fae daein what ah huv tae dae.After finishing my read and watching the movie again, I will say that this story is one I'll never forget. The movie came along when I was in a period of my life where I needed to have some things pounded into my head and Trainspotting was a reference point for all things which I needed to remind myself to stay away from. I laughed, I cried, I almost lost my lunch...how's that for a story?