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The Last Girl

The Last Girl - Kitty Thomas Adult review for taboo erotic content (kidnapping and non-con). Not spoiler tagging that because it's something you'd want to know about before deciding whether or not to read the book.The main reason this book is only getting 2 stars from me is because I've read the same subject matter before from this author, but put together in a far more interesting story. If you're looking to branch out into extreme taboo reading, I'd suggest that you skip this book altogether and pick up Comfort Food instead. At least with CF, it has you questioning the limits of how far Stockholm Syndrome could push a person in a real world circumstance, drawing the reader into more of a "what would you do?" thought process.When you add in an element of the paranormal like there was in Last Girl, it kills any viability of the story actually happening to a person. Instead, the book just becomes some person's creepy fantasy rather than an interesting take on how a person might react in a real kidnapping situation.That said, I don't have a huge need to trash the book, given the subject matter. It was what I'd been expecting, but simply wasn't executed in a way that I'd find interesting to read about. The ending of the book did manage to surprise me in a good way, but there was a huge disconnect for a good portion of the book surrounding the woman's time spent in captivity. Maybe I half expect a person to fight their predicament, even if they can only fight it inside of their mind.