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The Duchess War (Volume 1)

The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister #1) - Courtney Milan This probably shouldn't have been my first Milan book. I knew going in that a few people didn't like The Duchess War as much as some of her other works but since I'd been wanting to try the author and got a galley for book 2 of the series, I figured 'why not?'. I wasn't a fan. I mean, it wasn't bad or anything. The book wasn't on the level of 'asparagus pee' bad, but I wasn't feeling it either. There was something missing from the equation. Without lush historical descriptions or witty banter, I at least hope for there to be something in the story to charm me. The story was all so plain and uh...eh. And the sex read almost mechanical. It was cute how the man got "schooled" by his woman but I...uh...I...uh...don't really know what to write. The sex just didn't do it for me.The plain (and scarred) heroine lands a Duke? No one really wanted her before? I think I've read this story a few times, so I guess I wanted to see something fresh added to the mix. Unfortunately, there was nothing new happening here.Wow, I am quite the downer tonight. Let's get some good perspective back. The writing style was above average and the story was not bad overall. I can see the book being fine for anyone who likes to down shots of historical romance like a man after getting off work on Friday hitting the whiskey at a bar. The formula was solid enough and would stand up fine alongside other HR books. I'll give book 2 a shot since I have it anyway and see if things get better. Since this isn't everyone's favorite Milan book, I'm hopeful there's still a chance that I might have a more positive outlook on take 2. Sorry if there weren't any great quotes or pretty pics but I didn't feel any sort of motivation to have to dig deep for this review. But I gave you asparagus pee as a reference, so at least there's that. :p