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Succubus Dreams

Succubus Dreams  - Richelle Mead ***Re-read with friends in August 2011 in prep for the series finale***I'm loving this series even better the second time around. All of the minor complaints that I had the first time reading aren't even an issue now because I know what's going on and now I can just enjoy the characters and mystery of what's going on. ***original review***Before I get to the good stuff, let me get my two complaints out there : 1. This was the third book in a row that started slow. Having to wait several chapters for the story to pick up really bugs me.2. Too many characters. I can't keep track of who people are and what race they are. I need a glossary to remember who is what and if they're good or bad.Now to the good stuff :I love Georgie. She's my kind of woman. She lives and loves and has regrets, but rarely does she back down from taking what she wants...unless it's Seth. He's sort of her undoing - the only part of her that brings out the last shred of humanity still left inside the succubus.It's hard not to appreciate the way Georgina's succubus is portrayed. If you had lived thousands of years and had seen and done it all, you're going to view the world a bit differently than the average Joe. Of course she's going to have no problem approaching men and taking what she needs to feed her soul. Of course she's going to participate in voyeuristic activities and other things that most people would shy away from. She's a sex-loving, soul-stealing succubus after all. I like that Mead chose not to water the character down by making her too sappy. Of course, Georgina still has the same desires for love and family that many women have, but she's also a realist who knows what is and isn't possible with the path she's chosen.I love Carter the good angel. I hope he doesn't turn bad. I really do.The ending was sort of sad, but this is a series, so anything is possible. There's still time for things to be undone.