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Stolen - Lucy Christopher Originally I was thinking 3.5 stars for this book, but after some thought I'm going to go up to a full 4 star. It's not fair to this book that I read another similar type of story and liked it so much better, especially because the other book was a very adult book, and this one isn't, so the comparison may not be very accurate.Part of the reason why I didn't seem to "love" this one as much is because I thought we were really going to get to glimpse into the world of a person who had fallen victim to Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe the girl got out before she really had a chance to bond with her captor, but I was sort of let down a little that we had this drawn out story with no real character enlightenment or resolution. The story was left open ended, but I didn't have any huge sense that the girl was going to need years of therapy, or would even fight to want to see her captor again. I honestly believed that within a week or two, she'd go back to living her life with no real long term effects. Is that how this situation would really work? I sure don't think so.If you are interested in the idea of seeing into the mind of a person who did get screwed in the head by the effects of Stockholm Syndrome, I would HIGHLY recommend the book Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. A big, big warning though that this book is very adult. There are situations of extreme mental, physical and sexual abuse. However, the story is very engaging and thought provoking. In a weird way, I enjoyed the book very much. How strange is it that I enjoyed a book about abuse? Who knows why, but I did. I've always liked being able to see into other people's minds.