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Stolen: A Novel of Romantic Suspense

Stolen - Shiloh Walker "There's just one problem. I didn't start a fucking Facebook page!"Shay's life has been stolen. Her very identity has been taken over by another person who is bent on destroying her. In this deadly game of cat-and-mouse, who can she trust?Stolen started strong. The small-town Alaska setting was an instant draw, and the loosely disguised chemistry between Shay and a local bookstore owner had me intrigued enough to want to know more, especially when a dark incident happened out of nowhere that caused an alarming moment of friction between the two, propelling the story right off on a note of mystery and danger.The multiple PoV's could have been a stumbling block but I felt them well-used in this case. Often, stories can take on almost a hollow feel when we're moving along in the mind of one person who is doing nothing but looking for answers to a mystery. By choosing to add in other characters, we got to see how others were feeling as the clues began to appear, making the story somewhat more thrilling.To be honest, romantic suspense is one of the few genres I don't read too much of. I'm honestly not sure why I don't see the draw in having both a romance novel and an edgy thriller-slash-mystery in one book. I like both types of reads separately, but am just not as enthused when they come together. I'm sure for many romance readers, this combination is sort of the best of both worlds...you're allowed to have a bigger conflict in the story other than relationship drama, while you still get to enjoy a healthy amount of steam at the same time. If this is what we're judging as a RS standard, then I think Stolen fits the bill quite nicely.The first half of this book was great. There's something creepy about seeing a person have their identity stolen and used by another person. I felt myself getting nervous for Shay - afraid of what could happen if the thief continued to slander Shay. How would the people she cared about the most react to the lies if the lies started to become believable? The second half of the book sort of slowed down. I got where the story was going, but found myself wishing that there had been more of an included back-story for Shay and Elliot. We were told that these two were harboring feelings for each other, but we weren't ever really shown how and why these feelings had developed. I considered this to be a huge, hazy void in the story that should have been further expanded upon. Even so, I was happy that there were a few mysteries which I hadn't immediately figured out. I thought the story was going to be a basic jealousy/revenge spiel, but there was more to what was going on than even I'd figured. The sinister intentions of one specific person were pretty vicious. I can't say that this was a standout book for me, but it was entertaining enough for a romantic suspense. I'll give it a decent passing grade.Bonus points go to a hero who WASN'T perfect! He was described as handsome, with beautiful hair and eyes (whisky-colored eyes and auburn hair...yum), but he wasn't overly tall or overly ripped. He was a normal and attractive man who worked a small-town job. Where he scored with me is the gentle way he dealt with Shay's skittish behavior. His affection for her was endearing to witness, especially with how he reacted to her past scars (inside and out)."I want you to touch me. I'm so tired of the strongest memories I have being those memories. Give me better ones, Elliot." She turned her face to his and pressed her lips to his cheek. "Can you give me better ones?"This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.