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Choose your weapon : knife, gun, or non-dairy creamer

Shooting Scars - 'Karina Halle'

"We evolved, Ellie," he whispered, sending shivers down my back. "And we'll keep evolving."

There we go. I threw in the obligatory "made her shiver" mention. The romance quota has been fulfilled. Moving on. 

As always, I can't help but focus on random crap which no one else cares about - like the fact that SOMEONE GOT BLOWN UP WITH NON-DAIRY CREAMER.


Okay, maybe not quite blown up, but there was some burning involved. At least I didn't put in the gif of someone walking away from an explosion. That could have been overkill. 

First off, I'm happy to report that we aren't dealing with a second book slump. This is always great news, especially for a trilogy, when momentum is needed to carry readers on to the final book. 

Secondly, I'm also happy to report that I needed this book to pull me out of a slump of lackluster reading. I thank Ms. Halle for her efforts.

This is drama done right. Lately, the trend of drama-infused books has hit an all-time level of idiocy and ridiculousness. Even though I can't say that I'm generally a fan of any heroine who chooses to engage in back-and-forth emotional whiplash between love interests, I will tend to overlook some of it if the author can give us a reason to understand the character's behavior. Understanding does not always mean agreement on my part, and in this case, I don't agree with Ellie. But I do somewhatunderstand, up to a point.

Thirdly (why does this not sound like a word?), I just honestly like Halle's style of storytelling. She's not perfect (view spoiler), but she can write one hell of a story involving dynamic characters. And this scores big points with me!

Ellie managed to piss me off multiple times during Shooting Scarsand I still liked the book! It takes a great author to be able to pull that off for someone as jaded as I can be.

Fourthly (now, I'm pretty sure this one isn't a word. I think. Oh wait, google says it is), I like the combo thing going on here. There's some action, some romance, some sexy times, more action, more sexy times, some danger, some people getting f*cked up, and random funny moments like these...


Fuck Ikea for making such flimsy furniture.

Good times. 

This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. No Coffee Mate was wasted in the telling of this story. All quotes are taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted from the final copy.