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Secret for a Song

Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls I'd always had a fascination with people who got sick the natural way. What would that be like? To wander around with a justified reason to be angry at the world?I am the random documentary queen. If it has to do with cults, polygamy, doomsday preppers, extreme body modification, or even people who like to eat insects - I'm all over it. I like witnessing every day people living extraordinary lives, from the bizarre to the taboo. Which means that it should come as no surprise how I'd be interested in reading about a strangely different person with a strangely different psychosis.This is my first experience reading about Munchausen Syndrome. I've actually heard more about Munchausen-by-proxy (which is inflicted by another person instead of self-inflicted) than I have this particular syndrome. I wasn't trying to kill myself.Secret for a Song starts out with Saylor recounting a time when she swallowed a needle in order to get attention. From there on, she spends years coming up with new ways to get herself noticed, and the methods she uses aren't very pretty. If you're easily squeamish, take note that you might have your stomach twisted in knots a couple of times. I know that I sure did.I'd been imbibing fecal matter.It took a little bit of powering through to get past a few of the sickening (no pun intended) things which Saylor did to herself. Even though I wanted to understand why Saylor did the things that she did, I struggled at first with warming up to her as a character. Maybe we weren't supposed to like her at the start. Maybe it was easier to let the story have an effect on me if I didn't like her. Either that, or it was easier to root for her to change if she started out rather unlikable. Who knows?I'd felt sort of a righteous joy settle in.What I look for in books with flawed characters is the chance to showcase growth at some point. While Saylor's self-absorbed state of mind did make for some moments of frustration while reading, I saw that we were on a path to self-discovery, so I stuck with it.Part of me loved the power.Did it help that there was a cute guy? Perhaps. I wouldn't quite peg this as a romance novel though, even with a potential love interest. The book cover is sort of misleading on that front. For the second edition printing I want to see a chick crouched down in a dark corner or something.I have secrets, Drew.But back to the guy - the guy who was ACTUALLY sick. The guy who Saylor met at a meeting for people who were ACTUALLY SICK. Oh Saylor, you sad, crazy girl. Don't you know that Trix sick meetings are for kids sick people?I fell in love with Drew (and the other side characters). Drew was the shining star of the book. His presence brightened up a sleazy situation. He even had a cane. So he used it because he was losing mobility - he probably looked pimp. At least I bet he did. He was this cute, guitar playing guy in my mind. Who cares if he couldn't type a text correctly because his hands were giving him troubles? Pfft...details.There is nothing more in life than this, than us, right here, right now in this moment.Secret for a Song might have started out as a book about one girl's need for attention, but there was more to the story than what one could see on the surface, once we peeled back the layers. There were unexpected truths which even the reader was unable to predict, leaving everyone's lives changed forever. For better or worse? I'm not telling. This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.