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Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel

Own the Wind  (Chaos #1) - Kristen Ashley First off, I want to thank my friend Amanda for making it impossible for me to look at this cover title without thinking of flatulence. 2.5 stars. Remember when I said I was on a long, long break from this author? I blame friends for dragging me back in. Others : Stacia, this one is EDITED. Me : Nope. I'm not going there.Others : But it's shorter. It's more polished. You know...Me : Fine. I have at least 3 lives left. My curiosity is going to get me soon though.I honestly think that the ship of 'hoping for something unique' has sailed for me. Ashley's got a formula and she's sticking to it. The hardcore fans love it and I get that. I just personally can't get excited about reading the same story over and over with only a few tweaks here and there. You can change the wrapping paper each time you re-gift, but there's still gonna be a Chia pet inside. The Positive : ~ The editing and condensing helped. A LOT. I don't recall one 5 page scene of backyard BBQ details.~ The characters were likable. Given that I don't generally like KA heroines, I was surprised to find that I liked Tabby. And Shy was more my speed than some of the super-roided out alphas I've seen before. I have a weakness for the tall and lean ones. ~ The steam content is always nice and the story was an easy read. For the first half, at least.The Negative :~ There's nothing new to see here. The story is rearranged and the characters all still talk the same. And that remains the recurring problem (for me).~ Shy put his hands on Tabby's mom by hitting her in the chest and pushing her into a wall. Not cool.~ Like others have observed, it appears that the MC info was very poorly researched and/or lifted from television ideas. Nothing about that part of the story felt real.~ The second half of the book had me skimming. I got bored after they got together and I didn't really care to want to read another "insert random scene of drama in the second half" again, so I skipped ahead a few chapters to the epilogue. All in all, I wasn't impressed but I also didn't feel like I completely wasted a couple of hours. I enjoyed the sexy times and was able to breeze past some parts I didn't like. The editing is really what saved the book from being repetitive to the point of being bad. I know now that I'll probably never again read one of the older (pre-edited) long KA books, but I might at some point check out another one of the newer short books. My one big WTF moment (if you know me, you won't be suprised) : It was more intoxicating than any liquor, a high better than any fucking drug.