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On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young My thought process in stages as I was reading this book :Starts out strong...okay, this is interesting...nice, he's pretty smokin' in that alpha male kind of way...hell yeah, this is some hot sex...wow, I like how this story has different layers to it...hold up, he did not just - SIGH...and I think I'm going to start skimming now...okay, the end was sweet.3.5 stars I'm sure people will be surprised that I even went as high as I did because there were a few things in this book that would normally set me off into the danger zone. I'm not sure why I was more forgiving with this book but even I can have my forgiving moments. That said, there was one random section where Braden flipped out of his "sexy alpha" mode and right into "scary alpha" mode that did make me uncomfortable. The crazy scene went by fast enough though, that I decided not to make a huge issue out of it. Since we had to flip the crazy switch...would you be surprised if I mentioned that the always sure to make me flinch "love is like a drug" reference was present! It's as if I'm constantly playing this game of Russian Roulette, waiting for it to show up in my romance novels. We've gone through a few rounds in the chamber, so it's about time for that bullet to make itself known!But wait, if there's a love/drug reference, it means that....YOU GUESSED IT - there must be a bunch of babe/baby/nickname usage happening! It's as if these two things go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other.I'm going to start calling this phenomenon the "trifecta" of contemporaries. If one of the above things is present (crazy alpha behavior - love is a drug reference - nickname usage), then there's a chance that the other two things might show up.With that aside, I can honestly say that I did enjoy this one. This was a hot and sexy little romance with enough of a story to balance out the two people dancing around their sexual tension. Normally, I don't like when a therapist is used as a character who will further the plot by allowing the character to bring up the past, but in the case of this story it worked.Other than the one small blip of rage craziness, I liked Braden as an alpha male. While alpha males often work for a pnr or historical book, it's usually tricky to write alphas in contemporaries without them coming across as too controlling for the modern world. He was a balanced character because he had moments when he wasn't serious. I loved the way he would shake with laughter when Joss would get sarcastic and rude with him. Often, I saw Braden's behavior as endearing when he was trying to push Joss. There's probably no way for me to explain this correctly, so I'll just say that his brand of controlling was not too far over the line for me to where it was sending up red flags (again, that one crazy incident aside). I thought it was hot in that "get down to business" kind of way."Let me rephrase." He took a seething step toward me. "When it comes to you...I don't like to share."The sex was verrah nice. And it happened enough to where I didn't feel cheated, even with all of the excess characters and stories happening. I was more than okay with the sex-to-story ratio for a romance book."I want you in my bed. Gentleman are boring in bed.""That's all it takes to make me hard," he told me softly, his lips brushing my ear. "You : saying my name."One last thing : the use of the word vajayjay should never happen in a book. Ever.