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Rapey aliens are not sexy

Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I am so sorry. I am SO sorry. I am sooooo sorry.

It's not often when I write a review and worry about having a difference of opinion from my friends - because if I had to worry, I'd have to do it for every single book review with the varied group of friends I have. Thankfully, I have awesome friends who don't mind me most of the time. However...this time, I might be a little bit worried. Just a little. Because my opinion is probably going to be extremely unpopular. 


I honestly think Armentrout doesn't translate to adult writing with the same fluidity in which she writes YA. This is the second adult book of hers (Serena's one year too old for my definition of NA) that I've read and had issues with. Her brand of sexual tension in YA is a great build which keeps the reader invested. Unfortunately, the way that the sexual detail transfers over to older characters reads so much like a copy of every single bad adult contemporary romance term which has already been over-used in thousands of other books. This is a case where I wish the author take a break from reading romance in order to completely forget the "Romance 101" generic terms so they can start over with their own personal descriptions.

The sex scenes were not only cringe-worthy, but I failed to find them arousing on any level.

Wombs were tightening. Bundles of nerves were tingling. Male parts were twitching. Sensations were felt down to the core. Even worse, words were used to describe Hunter's male part as a "thick and demanding proud length that jutted between us." Imaginary flavors were invented (can anyone taste like sunlight?). The obligatory "like a drug" reference was present (this time it was the taste of her skin). 

But that's not what made me upset. I was appalled by a scene in which the guy was feeling up Serena while she was sleeping. He was touching all over her bared breasts while she was NOT awake, and he did NOT have her permission, other than her calling out IN HER SLEEP.

This behavior is NOT okay. Here's part of the scene :


She was asleep and definitely didn't know what she was asking for, but that soft plea was my undoing. There wasn't a flicker of hesitation when it came to what I did next. I wasn't fooling myself or anyone. I wanted to touch her and so I did.

What truly made me sad was that I started skimming by the second half because by the time I started learning more about the Luxen/Arum differences (which was the reason for me wanting to read the book in the first place, since I do like the Lux series and wanted to know more about the world), I was already checking out.

I know that Lux book 4 is about to come out, but I might need to put a few weeks of distance between this book and the next, just so I can pick up the Lux book and enjoy it for what it is.