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Noah: 5th Street

Noah  - Elizabeth Reyes Cheers for a romance novel cover that looks adorable.I can't find any of these over-used stereotypes in sight :1. Headless Man - Apparently, readers don't want a face to ruin their image. It's too bad I prefer a gorgeous face to a hot body. What's the point of a good body if you can't look someone in the eye?2. Shirtless man w/winking nipples - Don't believe me? Take a spin through someone's romance book list. Let it be said that I'm a nipple aficionado (talk about a bitch to get the spelling right on that word!). Most book "nipples" look deformed. 3. Couple locked in passionate embrace, with at least one or both people looking as if they're about to pass gas. - Yep. I'm glad the bodice-ripping days are over but some publishers don't seem to be quite aware of this fact yet.4. Woman in a scandalous pose, about to fall out of her dress (historical), or woman in high heels and short skirt, with the top half of her missing (contemporary) - Self-explanatory.5. Flowers or a house on the cover. - Again, self-explanatorySo yes, I like this cover. It actually fits the story and characters perfectly. What's even better? I actually liked the story. Contemporary romance and I have a love/hate relationship (usually more hate than love). White collar stories are my least favorites to read. I love gritty men who like to get their hands dirty. The lead is a boxer? Yes, I do believe I will like this.What's goin' on?Noah and Veronica (Roni) have an age difference of more than 8 years. Roni met Noah because he'd been assigned to her as a personal trainer, while she struggled to lose more than 40 pounds. A friendship forms, he moves in with her because of some damage to his own house, and sparks fly...The conflict :Even though Roni's hangups stalled the relationship for far too long, the outside conflicts were amusing. Past exes came back into the picture and questions of Noah's previous dealings were speedbumps on the road to smooth sailing.What rocked my world :The setting and characters. It's nice to read about young guys who act like young guys. Too many older woman/younger man scenarios have the guy acting like he's the same age as the woman, ready to "be the man full time." This book makes everything seem more realistic. A guy who's not even twenty might be hanging out drinking with his friends and playing video games. Huge points to the author for getting this right. Noah was youthful, yet still responsible, which made him a good match for Roni (who needed a jolt in her life).Even though the sex didn't happen until almost the end of the book, it was satisfying (if a bit rushed).My WTF?!? moment :The epilogue. No. Just no. We didn't need to go there. Am I going to read book 2?You betcha.