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Necromancer: A Novella

Necromancer (Necromancer, #0.5) - Lish McBride Did they know, on some level, that my Catholic-schoolgirl-looking companion was a harbinger of death? Nobody screamed and pointed, so I guess not.This was a fast little pit stop on my "anticipation for Necromancing the Stone" tour. I'm excitedly looking forward to book 2 in the Necromancer series, so I figured I'd squeeze in a short to keep my excitement level going. There isn't much to say about this novella (really, it's more like a chapter) other than it provided a random look at the life (death?) of one of the characters we met in HMCN. I'm glad I read it, but you're not missing anything if you skip this and go right for book 1. Hold Me Closer, Necromancer was one of those books which took me by surprise when I read it last year. Given the dark humor and quirky characters aplenty (one being a talking head), I was hooked from the getgo. This is one of the few Mature YA/New Adult series dabbling in the paranormal that features a male lead character and a vibe which will appeal to a broad audience - both male and female, young and old. There is a romance element, but it doesn't choke out the story. The fun is in the bizarre happenings that take place in this world. With that said, I'll wrap this up and try to contain my excitement over book 2 coming out in the very near future!