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My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century  - Rachel  Harris Lorenzo places his hands on either side of my face, lowering his head to stare directly into my eyes. His voice is barely above a whisper as he says, "you are my dream now."The force dreaminess is strong with this one. 3.5 stars. You may raise an eyebrow at the pink and hearts graphic. What else was I going to use for a book titled My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century? I will say that this was the perfect read to follow up the last extremely dark, heavy, and graphic story that I read. Yes, this is definitely on the younger side of YA than what I'd normally prefer to read, but I am willing to forgive a small amount of fluff if the story does eventually develop into something interesting, which is what happened in this case.With this title it's sort of a given that there is going to be a something of a fluffy element to the story. If anyone's ever seen one of those Super Sweet Sixteen shows, you'll get what I mean. The silliness and pop culture references weren't really my thing but I do admit to smiling at : Lady Gaga interrupts my reverie and I motorboat my lips.However, I was cheering for a heroine who didn't want to be a fluffy doormat. Cat's world was a world of excess, but she didn't want to be known as a shallow, one-note person. She was smart, strong, and a great role model for younger girls.I'll start off with a couple of minor complaints before getting into why this book was a great find. Cat's acceptance of her time travel situation came with almost no panic or worry for what might happen to her. I find it hard to believe that anyone who's sent back in time without warning would not have at least a few moments of wanting to hyperventilate out of fear that they might not make it back. Or, at the very least, the person might take more than the time frame of a commercial break to accept that they were HURLED THROUGH TIME. I wasn't necessarily bothered that Cat didn't always take to speaking old fashioned but I was surprised that she didn't try to reel in some of her slang phrases instead of purposefully using them to mess with her hosts. Her poor host family...what would they have been thinking? This girl was one big walking mistake at times. Faux pas number 1008 : I'm guessing ladies didn't shake hands with gentlemen back in the day.Where the book really grabbed me was during the second half.The first half was cute, young, silly, and fluffy. I'd consider it a 2.5 to 3 star read - overall pretty forgettable.The second half, however, turned into a massive YES for me and is the main reason why I have a higher rating now. The story transitioned from silly to tense in a heartbeat. I went from rolling my eyes to being nervous over the fate of the characters. Once the tale really settled down into sixteenth century Florence, the story started to gain more weight to it. One of the most fun things about reading time travel books is getting to see the characters' reactions to things such as the style of dress, the bathroom facilities (garderobe in this case), or even the way people eat. I had to go look for a picture of a medieval style fork after Cat described that it was strange to eat with a fork not having a curve to it. Then the last few chapters and epilogue happened and I had one of those, "WAIT...NOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?!?" reactions.Oh my goodness...Lorenzo. Was he not too cute or what? I can't say anything else because of spoilers but he was so flipping adorable in the second half of the book. I want to know more about both Lorenzo (and a character who comes later named Lucas) now. My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century was worth the read just for the fun second half of the book and all of the anticipation that I'm now going to have for book 2. I should be pissy over that major cliffhanger but instead I'm just going to use it to channel excitement over what happens next. I have a theory about Lorenzo that I want to share with anyone who has read the book. This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.