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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man)

Motorcycle Man  - Kristen Ashley If you liked this book and you aren't watching the show Sons of Anarchy, I'm going to have to ask you why the *censored* not?For reals. Tack could be in SoA. Half of this story could be on the show SoA. Yes, I said for reals. Deal with it. SoA is a kickass show, btw. It's on Netflix streaming and DvD. If you have Netflix, go check it out. I will give you a pass only if you're not Stateside.Boo. It's killing me to have to go and write another 3 star review. You do not know how BADLY I wanted to go up to 4 stars. The first 25% of the book was so much fun! And then the middle of the book happened. I put this book down to go read something else, came back and read a few pages, put it down to go read something else, etc. I was working on finishing up today and found my mind wandering and put the reader aside for a few to go clean and when I came back, I realized that I had put the reader away in the middle of a sex scene. This has to be the first time that's ever happened.I hate not loving books that several of my friends love. You don't know how badly this sucks for me. It's WAY more fun to love a book and have friends to get excited about it with. Being the loner kid at the party is NOT fun. Granted, I do have friends who are absolutely not fans of KA but we're not going to go make a fun group to talk about how we don't love the books. So yeah...it sucks being on the outskirts when a bunch of friends love something and you don't. *sigh*It isn't that I find this author's books to be bad because they're not. They're just long for no real reason - too much content is either filler or is a repeat of itself (this book had 3 different times where the girl tried to break off the fledgling relationship and that's not counting the times she tried to quit her job to get away from him). If these books could be cut back and rearranged, I think we'd have a lot more to work with. Tack was sexy. Tack's dirty talk was sexy. Tack's protective nature was sexy. Tack's story about the hand around the throat (if you don't know, don't ask) was completely and totally endearing.I made the point in my review of Mystery Man that all of the KA book heroes seem to sound the same, so I won't go into detail of that again, but it's still an issue. Men simply do not all sound like clones, especially when they come from different cultures, cities and ways-of-life. When you have a pimp, a mountain man, a commando, and a motorcycle club leader all sounding alike, this shows a huge weak spot in character creation and development.We had yet another kidnapping in this book. I could possibly see this in different series but recycled plots in the same series? We had another guy liking another girl for the same exact reason. "You give it good, darlin', that attitude."I just can't get excited about books where the best part of it is that the "guy is sexy." There are tons of great books with more to offer which still have sexy men and steamy hot scenes. There needs to be more that I'm getting from my stories aside from excess filler, repeated plot devices and recycled character qualities. So does this make me a hater?No. Absolutely not. 3 stars is NEVER a "dislike" review from me. It's usually my "okay," "average," or "liked but wasn't impressed" rating. I loved the beginning of the book. I loved the end of the book. This also seems to be a repeating feeling of mine. Parts of each KA book are truly enjoyable. Unfortunately, there is way too much extra stuff that simply isn't worth my time. I don't want to know about Uncle whoever and the fourth and fifth co-worker and the random people the characters know from another book series who showed up at the hospital. Am I officially throwing in the towel?Who knows. As of right now, I'm taking a break. I think I'll try to finish out the Colorado Mountain series at some point and maybe try the standalone that was recommended to me. I can't say that I'm going to be in any hurry to do so, however. Best quote of the book :"Enjoying the fuck out of the show. Shit, Cherry, you're cute, all badass and pissed off and kickin' squirrel-ball ass."