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Mind Games (The Disillusionists Trilogy: Book 1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane My name is Stacia and I approved of this book.This message brought to you by the campaign for better living through escapism.I have to give Mind Games two enthusiastic thumbs up for bringing me something unique which I hadn't read before. This book's mismatched team of disillusionists are as close to a crew of anti-superheroes as you can get. They call themselves a "psychological hit squad." These characters sort of remind me of a more neurotic version of Holly Black's Curseworkers.They're invading your bases and getting inside your heads. Run for the hills!!1one!!!eleven!1!1one!!!What if your worst fears could be made magnified through a simple influence? What if strongholds could be shattered without a war? This is the power of the disillusionists. They become your allies and work you over without you even knowing. Justine, our female lead, is a hypochondriac. I had a blast reading about this woman who was tapped to use her fears as a weapon. This chick is crazy and she's going to project crazy onto others? As she noted about herself : No one ever admired her for being screwed up. By choosing to channel her issues outward, she's able to get inside people's heads and make them believe whatever she wants them to. This is freaky stuff.Packard (the handsome maniac) and Otto (a beret? uh...no words) are the men she has to deal with. Which one is good? Which one is bad? Are they both good? Are they both bad? Who is Justine to trust? Life's got to be difficult when you don't know which way is up anymore because you've been repeatedly jerked around. I had a lot of fun with this book. There's the mystery of the restaurant and the mystery of "the big baddie." Then you have the batshit crazy killer chick who's going around trying to dose her crazy on others. I loved the wide cast of colorful characters - this is going to make for some good times ahead, I'm sure.Rarely does a first-in-series UF book impress me. Even my favorite series tend to have a weak first book. I'm glad that Ms. Crane managed to hit the ground running, right from chapter one. Do I have any complaints? Nope, not really. I know, you're all shocked. Okay, so there was a boyfriend named Cubby and Justine owned a fanny pack...but those are minute details. Whatevs. Hopefully this trilogy doesn't bite it later on (but I have friends who loved this, so I'm thinking we're going to be fine) because for now, I'm going to give my approval to anyone who's looking for a new UF series to try and has already blown through the standard recs we all know about. Crazy + Sexy + Snarky = good times.Simon swivels around to face us. He's wearing an iridescent green suit coat with a net shirt underneath, and black pants and boots. We both just stare at the net shirt. You can see his tattoos through it.I give him a smirk. "That's an attractive outfit.""You told me I was going in as the destructive boyfriend," he says. "I ask you, what kind of motherfucker would wear something like this?""I said destructive, not deranged."