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Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings)

Leave Me Breathless  - Cherrie Lynn, Alix Dale Love the book...hate, hate, hate this cover.Sigh. Someday my favorite smut books will have covers which don't make me want to hurl. This cover makes me think of a pro-wrestling couple.But anyway...cover aside, I couldn't NOT read Leave Me Breathless. This is the author who brought me one of my all-time favorite book men...the super-lovable, super-sexy Brian from Rock Me. To emphasize just how awesome Brian is, let's put this into perspective : Candace, the female lead from Rock Me is in my top 3 for most annoying heroines OF ALL TIME. Normally, a character who pushes me to want to commit incredible acts of violence would be more than enough to make me want to stop reading a book, yet I've read Rock Me 3 times now. THAT, my friends, is the power of Brian. There is something about Cherrie Lynn's way of writing which draws you into the story and makes you feel like you're right there with the characters. Whether the character is getting a tattoo, attending a rock concert, or having the best, mind-blowing sex of their life - you're right there along for the ride. It doesn't matter if the drama is over-the-top or there are a few cringe-worthy terms sprinkled throughout the sex scenes because you still feel. You want to be there. It's not hard to see that an author must have some sort of knack for pulling me in, if I'm throwing all of my "checklist annoyances" right out the window.This third book in the Ross Siblings saga might be my favorite in the series when it comes to story. Ghost still doesn't top Brian on my hot guy scale (Sorry, I'm just not a fan of massively buff guys wearing shirts that are too tight for them...the look is too meathead for my tastes. I'll take Brian's sexy hair and leaner frame any day), but Ghost and Macy had a more believable story with less ridiculous back-and-forth drama than Brian and Candace put us through.I thought it was adorable that Candace and Brian had a small part in getting Ghost/Seth and Macy together.Bless all their scheming little black hearts.The book itself had a nice little balance of plot to steam. We got rewarded early-on in the book, and there were plenty of hot moments sprinkled throughout the story. This is romantica (probably shouldn't use that term, since I think EC owns it, hah) at its best - good story balanced with great sex. I remember reading Rock Me (book 2) over 2 years ago when no one had heard of the book, and pushing it on most every romance reader that I knew as a nice bridge to erotica. It's nice to see that others have fallen in love with this series in the meantime. People have asked me about reading order and I'm going to be honest - I wasn't a fan of book 1, so I wouldn't personally recommended it (even though I have friends who liked it). The first book doesn't have the same gritty vibe that books 2 and 3 have and almost reads like a Harlequin romance. Since I started with book 2 and didn't feel like I'd really missed anything after going back and picking up the first book, I'd say that anyone new to the series should skip Unleashed and go straight for Rock Me. Tattoo parlors and rock concerts are far more exciting than book 1's hotel room interlude with a businessman *yawn*. If you've ever wanted to dip your toes into the steamier side of romance, this is the series to do it with. You'll have a lot of fun, trust me. Sexual tension is worth the effort when two people finally get what they've denied themselves for far too long.Please. I only want you. I've always only wanted you.