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Knight (The Unfinished Hero Series)

Knight - Kristen Ashley Adult review for Erotic content. I can't say I loved everything about the book but I have to give credit for Knight's ability to talk the clothes off a mannequin. I want to be able to give an extra half star just for his bedroom talk. Has anyone else ever had an immediate and sudden urge to say a word out loud that you would never say under any other circumstance? And no, I'm not talking swear words.I seriously think the word "dude" came out of my mouth at least 15 times while reading this book and I'm also pretty sure that I don't use that word on a regular basis. I'm also pretty sure that I'm not a fan of this word. This was me :(me saying ) DUDE... (me thinking) wait, what?(me saying) DUDE... (me thinking) oh no, that did NOT just happen.(me saying) DUDE... (me thinking) okay, that might actually be hot.So the story begins...Independent, finance-strapped woman named Anya finds herself stuck at a high-dollar penthouse party when her phone is unable to get a signal. She heads to the nearest bedroom to find a land line, so she can call a cab.If you would prefer Anya to call a cab and go home by herself, click here : Sorry, you're out of luck. Please stop reading romance novels altogether. Your adventure has ended.If you would prefer Anya to meet a tall, handsome, pissed off man who offers her a ride home, click here : Your wish has been granted. Please continue reading.This new stranger, only known as "Knight," shows an interest in Anya. We enter a place in the book I'd like to call : I can't believe it's not butter Fifty.If you enjoyed the book Fifty Shades of Grey click here : This book should be your thing. Please continue reading.If you hated the book Fifty Shades of Grey because of Ana, click here : You might still enjoy this book. Other than one very brief "squee" dance inside of this woman's head, there are no inner goddesses in sight. Please continue reading.If you hated the book Fifty Shades of Grey because of Christian's possessiveness, click here :You may possibly be out of luck. While Knight gets extra points for dirty talk, awesome sexorzing and all-around badassness, he still has a few Christian similarities. Note the faded jeans, suits during business hours, effed up mom issues, as well as the need to control finances (including gifting a car) and provide security for his woman. The men are not clones but if you are not a fan of controlling alphas in any sense, this is not the book for you. Your adventure ends here. If you can handle some alpha behavior and don't mind your man possibly threatening and/or ass kicking those who mess with you, then you may continue reading.If you hated the book Fifty Shades of Grey because Christian had psychological issues, click here :You're in luck! Knight seems to be fairly stable. He enjoys being touched and doesn't mind mixing it up in the bedroom without having to be asked. This man is, quite literally, THE man in the bedroom. Rough sex? - check. Gentle lovemaking? - check. Cuddling? - check. Where Fifty had a few chemistry issues, Knight scored big points on this front. You may continue reading.Knight and Anya hit it off. Each of them fear the other is keeping secrets, so they both try to investigate in order to find out what's going on behind the scenes. However, after Anya starts to ask questions she's told by Knight to stop, so she does. Yet...Knight doesn't seem to stop digging. I wasn't crazy about this part of the story. Even though there was no contract, she accepted demands with hardly any question. Knight took some of his actions (snooping, hovering, demanding she be at places at set times) to a place that could possibly freak most women out.Even though I'm making a note that the above behavior doesn't do it for me...I'm going to disclaimer that we are working with a romance that imo straddles the realm of mainstream contemporary and BDSM erotica. Different genre = different rules. Know this before picking up any BDSM book. People read erotica and BDSM to have their kinky itches scratched. Some people love the dom/sub system outside of the bedroom and might find Knight to be their perfect book hero. I prefer my dom/sub to be sexual ONLY, with the relationship outside of the bedroom conducted as equal partners in every aspect. You've been nicely warned, so please don't read this book then come crying that this "shit ain't right." Our couple develops a very close and loving relationship - suprised? I was. As mentioned earlier, Knight may be dominant but he adores his Anya. The high point of this book was the way he worshipped his woman. I won't steal all the wonderful quotes that Baba used, but check out her review if you want to see just how much Knight would rock my world in the love and devotion department. I am also awarding Knight the highly coveted - Best Dirty Talker award. I thought Flynn from Willing Victim had it going on but that man has just been dethroned. If nothing else, I would read the book if you love a man who can talk about what he loves while he's giving it to you. This man is on fire!!! He had me at, "want to own your body and beauty," and whatever else he was saying in the bedroom as I was in my giddy female reading state. Yes, please.On to the "terms of endearment."Do you like the use of such terms as baby, daddy, etc.? Uh...I guess you're in luck? You may continue reading.Do you hate the aforementioned terms? I do too. So, so much. HUGE point deduction for this. There's also other cringe-worthy terms such as "womb clenching." If amazing sexy talk would offset this hatred, please continue reading. If no amount of epic sexy talk would make up for the constant and cringe-worthy use of ridiculous "sugar daddy" lingo, then your journey ends here. I understand.Other random points :Are you okay with a bad boy who might in fact do bad things when it comes to business or skirting the law? If yes : You'll be fine. You may continue readingIf the answer is no : Outta luck. Really, why are you still here in this review? You should have left by now.The ending...Do you want a happy ever after? (HEA) If yes : Tada! Wish granted. It's a bit of a given though, right?Don't care? It's romance. You really don't get any other option..Final analysis :This was my first KA book. Apparently, I picked one of the wilder ones to start with, as this is less mainstream than some of her other works. Since I've read many different forms of erotica before, I wasn't intimidated. I do like this author's writing style. There were a few editing errors but nothing so major that it put me out of the story. I will be trying out one of her more "mainstream" books to see how I like her other work. My opinion :Pros - Great bedroom domination, man who is a loving caregiver, sexual variety and epic dirty talk.Cons - A man who wanted to control too much of the woman's personal life outside of the bedroom, which is so not my thing. Also, I was a bit confused by this woman who had a spine in some areas yet accepted things without question in others, which was sort of a contradiction. I think it was explained that she found out being a sub sort of turned her crank, and if so, this probably shouldn't bother me...