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It - Stephen King Okay, so I now know what Beep, Beep Richie! means. All of you King fans got this stuck in my head. Be happy that I left the clown pics out of my review. If you want to catch a glimpse of the super-sexy Pennywise the clown, you can check out my friends' additions in the comments section.This GINORMOUS book of MAMMOTH proportions (seriously, I'm thinking this is longer than Outlander but I could be wrong) took me forever to get to the halfway mark. My buddy reading partner Katy...poor girl, she's been crazy busy with work, so I know she's still trucking along on this. Don't hate me people, but I skimmed the last half. Not because the book was bad. Oh no, it was quite interesting. I just kinda effed this one up by deciding to watch the movie with my husband the other night because we were able to DvR it due to it being on repeat for Halloween. Note to self : next time finish reading the book before watching the movie, otherwise your motivation sort of stalls out.Thoughts :~ The book is better than the movie, even though I felt like King's writing got a little long-winded at times. Using 5 pages to describe the contents of one's medicine cabinet is beyond excessive.~ The movie didn't follow the book as much as I'd hoped, although that's nothing unusual for book-to-movie translations. Some stuff was out of order, and a few things didn't match up. ~ The book is scarier than the movie, but only because it's hard to get scared when you're dealing with special effects circa 1990 and you've seen much freakier stuff in the recent past (this movie would be an awesome one to remake though). Compare this to watching Children of the Corn back in the day and it scaring the hell out of you then, but now all you can see is outdated special effects. I vaguely recall seeing parts of IT when I was younger and being freaked OUT...because clowns really are evil.~ The movie had some of the worst over-acting I've ever seen in my life, making it extremely fun to watch. Who knew that John Ritter went through a Chuck Norris fan phase? I'm going to have to read another King book soon because I can't officially say that I read every page of this one and dammit, I'm going to read an entire King book one day.Taking recommendations, as long as it's not Dark Tower (I tried but couldn't get past halfway). I've seen Shawshank Redemption more times than I can count, thanks to my husband's obsession with it. Is that worth the read?