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Infinite Days (Vampire Queen)

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen) - Rebecca Maizel Otherwise known as : Stacia is forced to do math...again. I "think" my final rating is 2.75 stars. I enjoyed the book for entertainment purposes, but a few massively cliche details triggered my eye twitches. PART I : The historical story featuring Vicken and Rhode - 3.5 starsThis is where the book rocked it out. I was captivated with all of the 'past' scenes. There was a very romantic and gothic feel to the setting and details. The imagery might have felt overdrawn to some, but this author's attention to detail worked for me in this book. I felt like I was in the past along with Lenah, Rhode and Vicken. It was easy to find interest in a world where vampires were ruthless killers, having no remorse for the lives they had taken. We had dueling personality types with the anti-hero Rhode and the suave, yet disturbed Vicken. Each man had a reason to make you want to read more about them. PART II : The present day story featuring Justin and Tony - 2 starsThis is where the book floundered. It was easier for me to gravitate toward Rhode and Vicken bonding with Lenah in their parts of the story because of the primal need that a vampire would have to want to possess (through death or bonding) another person. I had a harder time with the insta-love scenarios that Tony and Justin brought to the story. This isn't really a spoiler imo, because you find out pretty much right off that both of these guys are crazy about Lenah, even when they know nothing about her. Tony's feelings were sweet in a way because he was the "nice" best friend type. Justin, however, was another perfect man-whore who never showed any personality other than just showing up and being attractive. Perhaps this is realistic for a girl to be drawn to the attractive guy even when not knowing much about him, but it doesn't make for an interesting hook when you see nothing to a character (for a good portion of the book) other than his outwardly perfection. I wish that I'd read this book a couple of years ago because I would have felt less twitchy about the "fast fall" issues back when it was the norm for the genre. We literally had 4 men from various time periods who were ALL instantly drawn to Lenah, whether she was in human or vampire form (so we can't use the charm/glamour excuse). And each of those men were declaring extreme feelings within a short period of time (some did it instantly, others waited at least a few weeks, haha). And then by the end of the book, we had people willing to pretty much risk everything for other people, to the point where I'd have thought we were on book 2 or 3 in the series at least, with such a rapid progression of extreme emotion. ...but here's why I think the story has a unique PoV for the genre...Regardless of the throwaway cliches, there was enough in Infinite Days for me to enjoy. If I can shut out the issues and focus on the story itself, I can honestly say that this is a halfway decent series starter. The characters have tripped a few wires which might set off some explosives in the books to come. I'm sure that there will be plenty of danger ahead for Lenah and the people she chooses to associate with. Book 2 looks like it might turn out to be very promising indeed.