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Hush Money: A Talent Chronicles Novel

Hush Money (Talent Chronicles #1) - Susan Bischoff 3.5 stars. I was sort of nervous to read this book. It seems like every single time I go into a story with excitement because the premise seems different from all of the other current offerings, I'm often let down. Thankfully, this did not happen for me - big surprise!Although, I do have a complaint to get out of the way first. The first half of the book seemed like it took forever to get moving. I was waiting to see kids on superpower crack! Instead, I got a lot of : it appears he likes her but isn't saying anything - it appears she likes him but doesn't like to talk to people. Okay. Gotcha. These two kids are going to take a metric crapton of time to figure out that they should let each other in on the news. Can we get moving now? Luckily, the book is short, so my measurement of forever is not as long as you might think.But the second half - so much fun superpower goodness! All of the "talents" are different. You've got the invisible kid, the super-strong kid, the kid who can move things with her mind, etc. There is the potential for a lot of crazy adventures in the future with this group. Another great thing to have in the mix - what appears to be a "real" villain in our midst. One of the kids seems to be pure evil. He's already tried to kill one of the others! I'm all for letting characters redeem themselves, but in this case, I hope this guy stays a baddie. There's too many interesting paths this story could take if this is the case. We also have the dynamic of the kids needing to lean on each other, in order to avoid being captured by the government agency who wants to lock them up in special schools to manipulate their powers. Again...much potential here for great adventures in the future. The love story worked so much better in the second half of the book. I liked that the guy knew he was weaker in many instances than the girl (and the enemy), but still tried to help, even when he was possibly nervous. He came across as brave, yet not entirely sure of himself. With the initial assessment of him being sort of a bad-boy (and he does do bad things), I assumed he'd be stereotyped as ultra-cocky, and he wasn't. Yay for breaking stereotypes! On the flip side, I appreciated that the girl didn't automatically trip all over herself to be with this guy. She held tight to her reasons for shutting him out, until there was no longer an option to do so. I have the feeling that I'll be reading book 2 sooner rather than later. Can't wait!