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Hover (The Taking #2)

Hover  - Melissa  West I don't have to start a rebellion. It's already begun.3.5 stars. I'm actually happy that Book 2 of The Taking reads less like Lux this time around and more like Divergent instead. While many might argue that Divergent isn't exactly the gold standard of excellence in sci-fi, I was more than okay with the shift. At least I don't have to complain about reading another paranormal book which just happens to feature aliens.Why the Divergent comparison? The simulations immediately brought me back to the fear sims in Divergent, even though we've traversed way beyond non-combative fears in this book. I seem to have a fascination with alternate reality and how it plays on the brain because I notice myself slowing down to read scenes such as these, even if I was reading at a break-neck pace before. *ponders why that is*I'm really enjoying this series now that it's settled into some form of sci-fi-lite or perhaps even sci-fi-romance, as I'm more able to define what I'm reading (yes, I'm super-crazy/rabid about genre definitions). It's good to have some books lined up in the repertoire which I can recommend to friends who might struggle with a harder-edged science fiction. There's an ample amount of romance and interpersonal relationships to balance out the coming revolution. And it's a romance I'm enjoying even more with the second book, now that the characters have moved away from the typical boy-meets-girl-and-they-are-instantly-connected angle and into deeper, more volatile territory.I used to think Jackson hid his true thoughts to be mysterious, but now I think he does it because he's seen and experienced things worse than most people and he's afraid to let on just how jacked up he might be inside.The technology aspect is still weak but I like the ideas that West comes up with. I don't even care if a man-made wormhole being used to reroute transmissions would actually work or not. At least there are definite ideas put in place which differentiate how the human and alien planets work. I'm also curious to know who is supposed to be trustworthy. My opinion seems to change with every few chapters. As of now, I am not betting on any one government or faction because everyone seems to be corrupted by power, which isn't a big surprise because POWER CORRUPTS. Duh. :pThe relationship between Jackson and Ari has become even more complicated. I love when relationship obstacles involve a bigger picture, instead of constantly rehashing two people and their own personal hangups (not that Jackson doesn't have some of those - mysterious creature that he is). It makes you root harder for the two people to find happiness. I am going to be right there with the others, rooting for Jackson and Ari to find happiness in the midst of chaos."What can I say? For me, it has always been you."The ending = hmmm. It's definitely got me interested in book 3. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. I can't wait to see what's up next!Questions for those who have read the book (don't click if you don't want to read spoilers; if you end up answering in the comments section instead of by pm, please use spoiler tags) It mentioned that Jackson was nervous about Ari being able to kill Zeus because no one had gotten close to succeeding before - but this was AFTER Ari's failed attempt. If he knew it was going to fail, why did he let her go? Also, why can't I remember how Jackson can hear Ari's thoughts? It seems like some Ancients can hear thoughts and others can't? Can Zeus? Would he be able to anticipate an attack?This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All quotes have been taken from the pre-published version and may be altered or omitted from the final copy.