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Forever Mine: The Moreno Brothers

Forever Mine  - Elizabeth Reyes Authentic Conversation From My Teen YearsSetting : A backyard hammock as a friend and I lounge around talking about our plans.Me : Whatcha wanna do today?Friend : Dunno. Go hang out at - name removed -'s house? I heard a few guys are gonna be over there. You know who might show up? Those two hot guys that - name removed - is friends with.Me : Okay. Let's do that. 2.5 stars So that's about what happened in the first half of Forever Mine. Except it happened with book characters and not me and my best friend. But it didn't matter. The first half of this book read extremely pedestrian, as if you were just having another random day in your life and not actually getting to live vicariously through book characters who might be doing something far more exciting. Hell, I'm pretty sure my own life was infinitely more interesting than the life these characters were living. Maybe it's time to leak my own "Behind the Music" story to the world...Let's transition to the second half of the book :Lying about the sex of your best friend is NOT cool. If I had a friend from childhood who just so happened to be a guy, any new boyfriend of mine would have to deal with it. Period. I could see where things could get sketchy if you started hanging out with a guy after you had started a relationship if you were being secretive about it, but come on...a friend that you knew BEFORE you got involved in a relationship? Is there any reason you should need to hide that this friend isn't a girl? If you're that freaked out about how your boyfriend will react, you might be dating the wrong guy. I hate to insert the overused phrase "just sayin..." here, but if the phrase fits...Creepy Stalker Coach did make the story more interesting, but - I felt like this was sort of used as a reason to justify why Angel was borderline possessive. Because after all, if your girl is in danger, then you have a reason to be upset, right?I should have paid more attention to the tile of the book. You have permission to smack me. The title is Forever Mine. Yes, I stupidly walked into this one. Authors : quit pairing up kids in high school by making them promise "forever" to each other. Seriously. Stop it.I loved all of the side characters. ALL of them. Regardless of my feelings about this book, I will be reading the rest of the series because all of the additional characters out-shined the main characters. I'm excited to read about Sofia and Alex the most. This series can only go up from here. I've heard the other books are better and *wicked grin* they get steamier! This is an early writing from the author and I have read other books by her that were good. I'm going to cut some slack here and not keep any harsh feelings toward Forever Mine because many authors take a book or two to get into a groove. I know that this author can write a fun story with lovable characters. Noah was a great read. Reyes' style is easy to fall in to. She is capable of writing an exciting and sweet romance.Honestly, this is not the worst effort I've seen for a first book. There are no real big complaints from me. I actually liked the read fine...it was just a basic and enjoyable romance with not much else going on.