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Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Series)

Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright Love is giving someone theActually, no. Forget the sweet book quote. That is not how my review should have started. Let's try again...3.5 stars. Poor Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave right about now. Bear with me because I am asking this for a reason. Depending on when you purchased Feral Sins, you will either receive a copy of the orgy version, or the non-orgy version. If you purchase the book now, that scene will have been edited out.I have the 'in all its graphic glory' version. Yes, I was happy to have this copy because if I didn't have this copy, I would have been tormented to know what I'd missed out on and would have had to have gone to the author's website and read that scene anyway. My thoughts on the orgy scene are mixed, however. It was a hot scene, but I had a hard time matching it up in my mind with this story. I don't completely buy that it worked here, given the way Trey had been acting before. Someone else did a nice job of explaining why Trey was willing to share in that context and some excellent points were made but I personally didn't buy it.Erotic books (or books with multiple sex scenes) are such a mixed bag for people. Often, it all boils down to what your kinks are. If a subject is touched upon in an erotic book which doesn't mesh well with what turns your crank, then there's a good chance you won't like it. And of course this would be completely understandable if you are one of those people who doesn't like the sexual gimmes that were being featured in this book.But I'll give you one guess as to whose crank WAS getting turned.MEMEMEMEME...MEMEMEMEMEMEME...MEMEME...Do I sound enthusiastic enough? Here's why :~ Dominating, rough sex (in terms of biting, marking, etc. No BDSM)~ Dirty talk (i.e. who owns this? who's going to take this?)~ Exhibitionism! (hey, your fantasy may not be my fantasy)~ Back-and-forth power struggles (i.e. woman reclaims what was taken and would do some marking of her own)He didn't want to change her, wasn't disregarding her own strength the way others had before him.All of my little sweet spots were hit. For those of you who've known me for a while, I have the book Willing Victim as one of my favorites for non-BDSM-type rough sex. I love power struggles in the bedroom. I love when a man says you're going to take it and the woman says hell no and fights him back and they both get all hot and bothered in the process until one person wins out. YUM. YUM. YUM.He knew she'd fight him like a wildcat.So again, if this type of sex doesn't get you going, you won't like this book. It's about mating and claiming and all of the primal urges that wolves (we're dealing with shifters here) feel for their mates. I love pack dynamics and alpha wolf with their mate dynamics. Within the confines of the story, it all works. Because it's a paranormal story with so much being explained as instinctual, it all works."Now, who do you fucking belong to?"After a slight hesitation, she conceded with a snarl. "You.""That's right, baby, and just in case you're ever tempted to forget..." He yanked her head back and bit down hard into the soft flesh of her neck where it would be visible for all to see.Should I even talk about the plot? Was there even a plot? Yes, there actually was something resembling a plot. You might want to be forewarned that the plot and sex are about equal to each other in this book, so we're definitely working with an erotic book featuring a story, and not the other way around. Basically, we learn about some of the pack members and some of the conflicts between the Phoenix Pack and other packs. The shifters themselves were drawn in an interesting way, with the "inner wolf" having a huge and separate influence on the person as a whole. Since I had the older copy, I did notice a few typos, but they were few and far between. I'm assuming there will be even less of this in the newer edition. I do have to go on record stating that I hated the use of terms such as baby and hot little body. I also could have done without Trey talking about wanting to pump his cum inside of Taryn. Bleh. Surprisingly, I was not bothered by Trey calling Taryn his little bitch or telling her that she was going to take it like a good girl. After all, they are wolves...I do think the book was a touch too long. It wasn't a huge deal because I am a pro skimmer when I need to be, but with some editing and shortening, this could have been a solid 4 star book. Other than the sex, my favorite part of Feral Sins was pretty much every scene between Greta (the alpha's grandmother) and Taryn. Watching these two women rip on each other was too darn funny. "Wouldn't you like to slip into something more comfortable, though? Perhaps a coma?""Oh sorry, I was just busy picturing a gag in your mouth."In the end, I found that I liked this book FAR better than I was expecting to. I got lucky and had all of my fun fetish buttons pushed. You may not feel the same way if you prefer something different with your erotic reads. So tread carefully and know what you want before you pick this book up. If you choose to go there, I hope you have as much fun as I did!