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Extreme Exposure (I-Team Series, Book 1)

Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare You know...some days I think I nitpick everything, and other days I feel like I'm way too lenient with books. Considering the fact that I actually did enjoy the book, it makes me feel a little guilty for how much I'm about to pick apart the male lead.Reece was just too perfect for my tastes. I can handle perfect men in fantasy and pnr themed books because there is often a magical or race related reason for the perfection. When it comes to realistic and contemporary fiction, I crave flaws. People can still be attractive with flaws. This man just didn't seem to have one thing wrong with him. Let's see if you can spot the flaw :Good looking and well-dressedRipped body and packing heatExcellent lover (go go multiple O's with barely a touch)Has an abundant amount of sensitivity from his previous teaching job and the status from his current senator positionMoney is not an object for him as witnessed in his cars and vacation cabins He can build with his own two hands ladies! Look, he even built the bed they're sleeping on - a big HAHA to that oneIs wanted by obscene amounts of women, but can't seem to find the right one Thinks the female lead is adorable, even though he met her while she was drunkenly rambling Willing to overlook the woman's single parent status and is enthused to be a part of her son's life Willing to come to her rescue and kick ass when she's being stalked So where is the flaw? Is perfectionism a flaw? Complaints aside, I actually did have a fun time reading Extreme Exposure. The book was a group read for the romance group I mod, so I got a chance to pick up a book I might not have otherwise tried. This was a new venture into contemp suspense, which is not usually the type of book I would gravitate toward, but there was enough of a mix of humor, mystery, steam, etc. that I appreciated the read because of the variety. The author knows her stuff because she did the job previously, and knew the area because it's where she lives, so the story itself did not feel forced, and I was not bored while reading it.