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Escorted - Claire Kent It's time for round 3!3.5 stars. I may round up to a 4 upon further reflection, but I'm still struggling with some of the execution at the moment. *note* Spoiler tags are safe to click on and are only in place for the game.So the story begins...A 26 year old author-slash-virgin decides that she's tired of being inexperienced and wants to hand in her V card. Should she -Give it up to a trusted, long-time friend? : You would think so, but apparently, she has no one who will qualify for a friend with benefits. If you're interested in her other options, keep reading. If neither of the other options appeal to you, your journey ends here. Better luck next time!Give it up to a casual date/fling? : This woman doesn't seem to understand the concept of dating. You're out of luck. If you can't handle the last option, you'll want to bow out now.Give it up to a man who will force her to pay for it? : Really? You picked this option? In an age where women can crook their finger at just about anyone and get it for free, you're going for the option involving an exchange of money? Really? Well you must be on to something because this is what our virgin chose. You may continue reading.Her first time was not what she expected. Do you think she got it -Sweet and Loving? : I think you might not understand what this book is about. Your journey ends here.Rough and Exciting? : You're so close, yet so far. I want to award you points for trying, but I can't. Game over.Awkward and Embarrassing? : Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! I'm not sure exactly what you've won, but you may press on."What should I do with my arms?"(here's where I imagined a flailing octopus)Side note : I am happy to have never had this conversation in my life -"Are you ready for intercourse?" "Yeah. Please."Lori and Ander both have secrets to hide. In the interest of not spoiling the book, I won't tell you these secrets. So instead, I'll press on toward meaningless content. Several repetitive behaviors happened. There were slanted looks, twitches galore, plenty of urbane & sensual smiles, and lots of grunting and huffing. As well, we were treated to many mentions of the clinging channels and the always lovely term of rutting. Can you handle this?If your answer is - sure, no problem : Carry on my friend. I don't know how you do it, but *high five*If your answer is - I guess so? : I get ya. I'm normally in the 'hell no' column, but the story made up for some cringe-worthy moments, so I was able to carry on. Keep reading.If your answer is - you've got to be kidding me. I'd be asking for my money back. First off, if you got this as a freebie like most of us did, why are you asking for your money back? But I can understand. Sorry this won't be the book for you. Your journey ends here.Ander's mouth twitched again. So did Lori's.OH NOZE! IT'S CONTAGIOUS!So we got through the awkward times. All I can tell you from here on out is that the sex does eventually get better. I can't tell you if there's a happy-ever-after or not because I don't want to spoil the book for you. Stay tuned to see if I would recommend Escorted.Thank you for playing!Final Thoughts : This story was a study in human behavior. Although I had a hard time getting into the mood because everything started off so matter-of-fact and there was NOTHING sexy to be found up-front, I found that in time I grew to appreciate the slow build to heat between these characters. What started off with me rolling my eyes and feeling sort of embarrassed for both of these people, eventually led to me feeling a few warm fuzzies and even a couple of moments where the sex did come across as enticing. Believe me, it took a while to get to that point, but when it finally got there, I felt like I was okay with the way things progressed.If the second half of the book hadn't progressed from the initial awkwardness, I would have rated this pretty low. For the most part, I understood what the author was trying to get across. At times, the message felt sort of lost in translation, but I feel like being in the mood to cut a little slack. I've had a lot of clunker books come my way recently, and even with the bad terminology...this wasn't necessarily a bad book.I liked the biting. I liked a couple of funny scenes (the shoulder tap one was priceless). I didn't like how Ander had to be told to come.You come now.Why was the word 'can' or 'may' omitted from that sentence every time? YOU. YOU COME NOW! Doesn't that sound ridiculous?There were a few genuinely sweet moments. I think many of us could relate to being with someone who is hurting and "wishing our touch had the power to heal." I did get teary eyed for about a second when Ander told Lori what she'd taught him. When you read that scene, it will probably make you aww too. If you can handle a strange beginning, can deal with a 26 year old virgin who never had a shot with anyone because she was hung up on one person for years upon years (this was so weird to me), and promise not to laugh too hard when you come across the phrase smart about art (go go rhyme time?), then you'll probably grow to love this couple and all of their ups and downs. I ended up really enjoying the story when it was all said and done.