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Effortless - S.C. Stephens This book wasn't bad. No, really. I don't even mean this in a sarcastic way. Considering I had several gripes about the first book, I found myself not as frustrated with Effortless, the followup book to the whiplash-inducing drama of Thoughtless. My feelings were jumbled when it came to Thoughtless. I had some positives and even more negatives to say about the book, but had a hard time finding any sort of sympathy for Kiera and her selfishness.There was a lot of character growth in Effortless. I can't say that all of the crying and jealousy was missing, because if this had happened, we wouldn't have been working with the same characters anymore. While people can and do change, I think that there will always be a part of our flaws at the core. It's how we choose to treat our flaws that guarantees success or failure. At least Kiera was a better person in this book, making me like her not completely hate her...at least a little bit. I still had my weakness for the flawed Kellan and so far, no one's sued me...yet.Mistakes were still made, lies were still told, but this time around, our lead characters seemed to learn from their mistakes and at least make the effort to improve upon themselves.Now, this is not technically a spoiler, but I'm going to hide the scene in spoiler tags because it is a bit racy. Click at your own risk. I laughed so hard when I read the scene, so I thought I'd share it with all of you. Content was edited/cut a bit because the scene was long."Oh Kiera, I want you so bad...what do you want me to do?"Covering my eyes, I bit my lip. Oh my god, I could not do this. Feeling moronic, I whispered, "Touch it, pretend it's me." Oh god, I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out again.I was expecting Kellan to chuckle, but he didn't...instead I heard some rustling around and I swear - a zipper un-zipping. Oh damn...He hissed in a breath, releasing it with a gasp. "Oh, I'm so hard...it feels so good. What now?"Not believing this was happening, I swallowed. "Stroke it." I didn't just actually say that, did I?He moaned in my ear, his breath faster. "Kiera...god...feels so good..."I whispered, "Do you have anything that would...?"In a strained voice, his breath hitching, he gasped out, "Yeah...hold on." I heard a distinctly squishy noise and wondered just what sort of lubricant Kellan had on hand, and why.Aching myself now, I moaned a little. He was pretending, maybe I should too? "Do you want to touch me, Kellan?""Oh god yes, please."Holy...hell. I ran my hand down my stomach, but I couldn't make myself go any further. I was far too embarrassed. Kellan didn't know that though. "Does it feel good?" he groaned."Yes," I whispered. His breath increased. "Oh god, I need it harder. Yes...don't stop. Kiera...come with me..."I ran my hand back through my hair. Oh my god...he really was..."Okay," I whispered, my hand drifting back down to my stomach."Kiera, I'm almost there...""Yes, Kellan, do it...come for me..." Not believing I said that, I finally tucked a finger on the inside of my underwear.That was when I heard something that dashed some cold water on my moment. Kellan stopped breathing heavy and the phone muffled. Quieter than he had been, but still loud enough to hear, I heard him say, "I'll have a Denver omelette. Thank you."I sat up in my bed. Before he spoke to me again, I snapped out, "Kellan Kyle! Are you in a restaurant?""Well, I wouldn't exactly call this a restaurant. Greasy spoon, maybe."I heard a voice in the background that sounded vaguely familiar. Sitting ramrod straight, I whispered, "OH my god. Please tell me that you're sitting alone."Kellan paused. I could almost hear him debating on whether or not to answer me. "Um, well, no...the guys are here...and Justin. He says hey, by the way.""OH my god!" I exclaimed, disconnecting the phone in my mortification. Not only had he faked that little moment, but he'd faked it in front of his friends and the celebrity that I knew I'd never be able to look in the eye again.