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Easy - Tammara Webber Love is not the absence of logic but logic examined and recalculated - heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heartThis might be my favorite book of Webber's to date. There's something about the stories she writes which makes me throw out my preset ideas of what I wouldn't like in a book. She rearranges my reservations and makes me want to know more about her flawed characters."When I registered for econ, I had no idea that I'd be in for this level of reality-show drama. It's like a big fat bonus."My love affair with drama books turned cold when drama started to morph from 'truly shocking' to 'nothing but drama for the sake of shock value.' I've been wary to even go near books which might end up invoking my wrath by trying to force me into fraudulent emotions. Even though there were a few 'tried and true' plot points that are guaranteed to bring out the screaming fangirls, I didn't feel bamboozled (you just can't stop my love for weird words) into going along for the ride.So what does this make me? Have I turned into the OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!! eleven!11one!1!!!11agghhhh!!! type of fan? Hmm..maybe not exactly. But I'm not going to hide my admiration for a love story that did just so happen to make me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside. It was a sweet read. I would have fallen for Lucas myself if I was Jackie.How could you not?"What's wrong?" His hands gripped my elbows as I stared up at him. He was wearing drawstring pajama bottoms and a dark t-shirt, the sexy lines of his tattoos spilling from his sleeves to his wrists. He also wore thin, black-framed glasses that accentuated the blue in his eyes and his dark lashes. Lucas was kind, protective, smart, artsy, and caring. Yes, he was the entire package. Maybe a bit too much at times. He could kick your assailant's ass, work several jobs, draw an incredible life rendering of you, cook you a fabulous dinner, and help you get your econ grade up, all before making your head swim at his lovin' skills. I had a few flashbacks of the hero from Extreme Exposure. I'm hardly complaining though. Lucas was the hotness, even if he was too good to be true.Mild spoilers ahead but they really only tie to things you'll end up finding out pretty early on in the book, so I'd say it's okay to read them anyway.Here's what I liked :The email exchanges. They were fun.The friendship banter. It was realistic. I know some people might be upset at one girl calling another a slut, or seeing two girls scheme how to catch a guy by acting 'interested, yet still indifferent' (yes that is a contradiction, but I understood it)...but this is how I would have acted with my friends when I was younger, so it was cute to me. If you're friends with me long enough, at some point you will be called a hooker. It is my term of endearment.The emphasis on how rape is serious and needs to be reported so other people aren't hurt in the future.The suggestion of therapy to a character who wasn't healed from a past hurt. Not all hurts go away. Long-term effects can haunt people their entire lives. I want to see serious issues being taken seriously, so this was something I appreciated.Here's what I didn't like :Secrets took too long to be revealed.Lucas probably could have taken a more proactive role in getting Jackie into self defense classes or even talking to someone about what had happened.Should you read this book?If you'd like to read about a sweet and intense love story that just might make you feel a little giddy inside, I'd say definitely check this one out.I was shocked, and a little embarrassed, but once glance at his face told me he savored my body's response, and his ability to trigger it.