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Down to You (A Bad Boys Novel)

Down to You  - M. Leighton So this book had a few teeny, tiny, flaws. The main character started out as a klutzy (yes, she did trip and fall right off the bat...shocking!), insecure person and said things like, "I'm Olivia, Marissa's slightly dull cousin." I was able to forgive that because she also said this, "I want to paper cut her. On every square inch of her body. And then roll her in salt water." Why, I do believe that Ruthless Bella just kicked Mousy Bella to the curb.So I figured out the "twist" before the story was half over. We're not building rockets here. It's a steamy romance with a very slight element of suspense (which doesn't show up until the end). I just want to be entertained without wanting to throw my reader. This book worked fine for that purpose.So the girl was throwing stones when she lived in a glass house. Yeah, it's not smart to accuse the men in your life of lying when you're the one who can't figure out the difference between man (singular) and men (plural). One is all you need, honey. Unless it's a menage book, which this wasn't. Hot damn, that would have made for a great twin fantasy there.So you got the men mixed up on one dark and stormy night. Well, it might not have been stormy, but it was dark. Why ask who is who? Just go with it, right?So everyone smells the same in this story. Might I suggest a variety of body washes? So your twins are named Cash and Nash. At least it will be easy to redo the monogrammed towels. You'll save money on only having to switch one letter.So this was a short, steamy and entertaining little read. I can't believe this was the same author who wrote a book that made me say FAIL. For all of my little jabs in this review, I enjoyed Down to You. It was the perfect book for the mood I was in. The sex was scrumptious and who doesn't want to get lost for a night in a fantasy of being coveted by two hot, yet different twins? I was liking it.Plus, there is a mention of exploding vaginas. Don't ask, just read.