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Consequences (Volume 1)

Consequences  - Aleatha Romig 1.5 stars. Yes, I'm giving this book an extra half star because the ending was a little bit of a head trip. But wow, did I have a hard time staying awake through the majority of the middle. Stuff started to draaaaag, big time. Fairly spoiler-free review. I will mention the kidnapping and minor plot/character points, but I think most of this is a given, considering the book summary.Before anyone throws popcorn at me, let me clarify that I did get the concept of the story. I understood the plot and why things happened the way that they did. That was not my issue. My biggest issue was with the chapters of filler with nothing big going on. The start was interesting (although bizarre). The ending was interesting (and even more bizarre). However, I should not have to sit through 80% of a book where not a whole lot happens other than scenes which switch back and forth between threats, violence, shopping, threats, bland sex scenes, social calls, shopping, threats....yeah, you get the picture. Just because the ending of a book is one of those Holy Crap, what did I just read?!? type of deals, it does not excuse the majority of the book when not much else was going on. Walks in the woods and swims in the pool? *yawn*I won't even go into my complaints about details not matching up, editing issues, etc. There are probably other reviews floating around Goodreads which have addressed these issues. Normally, I'd have more to say about serious character stupidity, but I was so busy trying to keep myself awake that I forgot to be frustrated at how the woman who had been kidnapped COULD HAVE ESCAPED MULTIPLE TIMES! I don't buy that Claire had fallen victim to Stockholm, and I wasn't quite buying that she could have been so afraid to be tracked down by Anthony that she wouldn't have been at least a little willing to try to leave. Didn't she have a lawyer relative who could have helped her after escape?Don't get me wrong. I was HOPING for more to the kidnap story. I love taboo books, and have read several kidnap books which I've enjoyed. This was not really a kidnap story in the sense of getting to see inside the character's head as you go down that path of emotional gray areas where the lines start to become blurred. There was nothing that made me attach to either character in Consequences. The emotions all felt very plastic and hollow. It was as if I were reading about a couple of stick figures who were being used as placeholders for real characters.I'm not joking. So much of the book was dedicated to fashion and name brands and how Claire was already pondering about the clothing that belonged to her right after she was kidnapped. FFS, If someone had me trapped in a house, I'd have a gazillion things going through my head. Clothing wouldn't be one of them. Not once did I ever feel like she was even FREAKING OUT over her situation. Who gets kidnapped and doesn't live in constant fear for a considerable amount of time? If Claire was afraid, we weren't really being shown this. Especially if she was being raped and beaten as much as she was.Oh, and I hated Catherine. She defended horrific behavior. "Mr. Rawlings is a good man," my ass. Again, I'm going back to the other kidnap books I've read which have placed me into the mind of someone who's living through this. So I get that the bigger picture of the story was about more than the initial kidnapping (won't tell you any more than that or I'll spoil it...), but we as readers still need to feel like we're dropped into what's going on. I never felt that way.Totally Random, but the chapter header quote attributed to Bill Crosby sort of made me do a double take. I think it was supposed to be Bill Cosby? Or would it be Bing Crosby? Not that it matters because little errors like that are no biggie...it just made me smile, sort of like when I read the phrase fists of furry (instead of fury) in a book.