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Come Monday (Wild Irish, Book One)

Come Monday - Mari Carr Adult review for erotic content.I read Come Monday a few days ago and almost wasn't going to review it because I don't keep most of my erotic short story reviews on this account, but then I changed my mind. Come Monday seems to fit into a nice little niche for starter/intro BDSM, so I'd think it could work for people who are new to the genre. This story happened to be one of the many freebie shorts that I'd picked up along the way. One night before bed I happened to be looking for a pre-sleep quickie, so I chose this.I loved the first half. It's no secret that I have a thing for stories about professors (and the classic fantasy of getting down on a teacher's desk). After reading several books recently in which the hero was either extra cocky or super controlling, I was immediately sucked in by the 'normal' professor checking out his attractive student. But then...he switched into 'dom' mode and some of the magic was lost for me. I love bedroom doms, but I also have to admit with having my own personal struggle when it comes to men who want to dictate choices outside of the bedroom. For me, I was hoping that the story would be more about the handsome and distinguished professor who cut loose behind closed doors...and while I did get that, there was that added element of a man who wanted to be more of a dom in real life as well. Again, not the book's problem (let me disclaimer that he wasn't ultra controlling), this falls only on me.If I had to evaluate based on characters, story, and steam content, this was a nice little freebie gem. With shorter books, you won't get a ton of plot and world building, but we weren't dropped immediately into the sex either, so I felt like we got enough information about the characters and their world. There was a great family dynamic with all of the brothers and sisters. Included was a romance and a HEA for those who need more than 'just sex' in their erotica.I'd recommend Come Monday for people who are looking to wade into the shallow end of the BDSM genre. Content involved spanking and being tied up, some delayed/withholding of orgasms, and some anal & toy play - nothing too "out there."Even though Will was a dom, he showed that in most trusting relationships, the subs ultimately hold more power than they're given credit for."Don't you see? Don't you get it, Keira? You have all the power. Dammit, I'd give you anything you want. Anything. All you have to do is ask."