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Colters' Daughter (Colters' Legacy)

Colters' Daughter (Colters' Legacy) - Maya Banks Conversation That You Should Never Have With Your Dad :Ryan picked up her wrist so that the silver bands gleamed in the moonlight. "And these? Are they a symbol of his ownership?"Callie was silent for a long time. "Yes," she said quietly. "They are - were."Ryan sighed. "I can't say I like to hear any of this. You're my little girl - will always be my little girl."Really? Is nothing sacred between a man and a woman in the bedroom? I can tell you with 100% certainty that my father and I would never have the above conversation.Then again, we are dealing with the family who likes to share their women with multiple men, which is part of why book 3 felt sort of out of place with this series. Even though I had a hard time buying that book 2 would follow the exact same pattern as the original Colters' book, I almost would expect for there to be at least a hint of the Colter gene happening with Callie, since they claimed genetics in book 2 - really. Apparently if the fathers want to share a woman, this means their sons will also! Anyway, I'm just having a little fun here. Though I rated Daughter on the lower end, it was only because there was nothing that wowed me. I can't say that this was a bad book for the genre though. Everything was pretty standard sex-sex-sex erotica with not much plot, but that's not unexpected for the type of book that it is. The experimental ratio was somewhere between vanilla and kinky. This story would work fine as an intro to D/s. There wasn't really any pain play other than spanking, so the general idea revolved about a man having some fun making his woman submit in the bedroom - pretty tame stuff. I ended up reading Daughter on a whim after I was cleaning out my old reader and saw that I'd loaded this on there and never read it. Now I'll delete the book and move on. I'm sort of confused as to why there is a Colters' 4 and even an upcoming 5. Who would like this series? I don't know. The first 2 books are about women being steamrolled by 3 men at the same time. It's almost painfully embarrassing at times to see the amount of worship these men have for their women. This is truly a hardcore fantasy. If you've always secretly wanted to be treated like a goddess and could like the idea of 3 men bending over backwards to meet your every need, you might want to indulge in the fantasy. Otherwise, I'd say you're not missing much. There's better erotica out there.