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Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt - Shoshanna Evers Last night I played a game of Erotica Roulette.Basically, this is how it went down : Since I was sick and unable to focus on either of the full-length books that I was reading, I decided to pull a random short story from my "MASSIVE PILE O' PORN WITHOUT PLOT (pwp)" and have at it, WITHOUT having read the summary.I figured that if anything was going to keep my attention, it would be sex without world building. Go with me here, I was out of it. My mind was *cough* foggy. I needed mindless.Note to self : next time, just pull from the Selena Kitt pile. At least that way, I'll enjoy the sex.I'm sure that there are a definitive group of people who have a chastity belt fetish and hey, that's great. Everyone has their kink. I now know that I am not one of these people.Picture it like this : swap out a collar for a belt and you'll get the idea. It's kind of cool in theory, actually. The belt symbolizes ownership in place of a traditional D/s situation. The woman gets no sexual pleasure without the man taking off the belt and allowing it. But all I could think about is the unsanitary and disgusting side to it all. No wiping? Eww...what kind of odors are happening when that belt comes off, if a person has to wear it for more than an hour or two?The "sex performance club" was strange to me. I can't really explain why, since I've read about others in books. In this instance, it seemed sort of written on the fly and not really fleshed out. Stuff just happened, but it wasn't patrons being spontaneous - it was employees, one of whom just showed up and got started with no training or detailed pre-work discussion. It's okay to hand over a license and you're immediately good to get naked on stage with people you don't know? Someone out there is crying, "Shut up, Stacia. It's a fantasy." Fair enough. I get the point. This just wasn't the right fantasy for me. I was never shown what was attractive about the Master character. He sort of seemed like a creeper from where I was sitting, and not in the sexy kind of way. *edit* I just read that last sentence again and I did not mean to say that creepers are sexy. I think I meant...aw, nm. I just meant that he wasn't a sexy Dominant type.To each their own. If you have any sort of exhibitionist fantasy (normally this is a big plus for me, so I'm sorry the story didn't work in my favor), you might enjoy Chastity Belt