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Burn Bright

Burn Bright  - Marianne de Pierres I had a few strange little quotes which I had planned on using to start this review. Apparently, I don't get to use them when I come late to the review party. Other GR reviewers : 1Stacia : 0Burn Bright fine print : Use the good stuff quick before someone else does. You losers who read the book after everyone else are screwed.Come with me to Ixion anyway. I'm afraid to go alone.Ixion is one scary, scary place. Don't be fooled by the hype. People want you to believe it's one big non-stop party. And it is - a party for the blissfully ignorant. Should you care to learn anything about Ixion, you're going to find out that you probably shouldn't have gotten on that darn zeppelin in the first place.What's your pleasure? Is it to partake in the desires of the flesh? Would you rather lose your inhibitions for a while and dance in a cloud of fearless delight? Maybe your desire is to stay youthful for as long as you can? On Ixion, anything is possible. Unless you desire freedom. Or knowledge. Or answers. Then you're on your own. While on the quest for truth, try not to stray off the path. Those Night Creatures tend to bite.This is not Neverland. Youth comes with a price. Are you willing to pay it?My thoughts about the book :This book was darker than I was expecting. Even after reading the blurb and being told by others that this was not really a paranormal romance but more of a dystopia, I still found myself suprised at how strange the Night Creatures world was. If you're looking for different, bizarre, or twisted, look no further.Retra/Naif was something of a mystery to me. She didn't really show much of who she was as we followed her throughout the story. It's quite possible that the author set it up this way to illustrate the "before" and the "after" of her life and personality between the time she spent as a Seal and the time she went through a changing on Ixion. I hope her character is expanded upon more in the next book.The dark world and multiple factions were a plus/minus. The uniqueness of the world is a huge plus. Any time a new fantasy world is brought forth in a book, it's a big draw for me.I would have preferred there to be a more basic explanation of the class sytems in the first book. A bit too much info dumping happened all at once. Between the League, the Youth Circle, the Ripers, the bat gangs, the Night Creatures, etc. I was a bit confused trying to figure out who belonged where, and which people were fighting with what faction. To be honest, I still don't think I have a handle on all of what went down. If the info had been spread out a bit better, maybe if some of it had been pushed off to book 2, I might have even gone up to a 4.5 or 5 star for Burn Bright. This book kinda sorta kicked ass.Markes = eh. Lenoir = yay. The last few chapters = wow. I want to know Lenoir's entire story now.I already have my copy of Angel Arias ready to go and hope to get to it soon. I can't wait to find out what happens next for Naif and Lenoir!This book is currently on its way to the next person in the Traveling Book Society (around the world) Round 2 for the Rated YA-MA group.