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Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy)

Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2) - Lisa Renee Jones Nancy Drew, this woman is not. Come to think of it, I probably would have rather gone back and indulged in a Nancy-based pre-feminist shenanigan involving a hidden staircase or hollow oak rather than reading this. I'm almost sadly reminiscent of my love/hate feelings for book 1. While it might not have been a great book (and it did inspire me to drag up a picture of a sexual predator), at least there was a spark of potential present - enough to make me hope that things could get better.We're supposed to go up, not down! Or is that forwards, and not backwards? No matter. Either way, the direction seemed to be the wrong one.The force fail was strong with this one. Sara remarked on how she craved that (from him) more than her next breath, proclaimed that he was her drug. The pain was her drug, and managed to self-hate when she mentioned how part of her is never confident, is never convinced this talented and famous man could really want her. Chris wasn't much better when he said laughable things such as, "Like sugar, baby, and I'm going to melt you like honey. While I thought the mystery aspect was weak in book 1, it was downright laughable in book 2. Sara was too busy following her hormones to care much about the pesky murder mystery, even when it might involve the man she wanted to get horizontal for. This time, we waited a long time for Sara to really get her ass in gear. And what was up with the "you WILL take my car" bullying? Is forcing women to ride in expensive and safe cars (sometimes with chauffeurs; sometimes with tracking systems) the ultimate sign of dominance or something? Between Fifty, Bared to You, Knight, etc. having one of these scenes...it's just weird. Nothing says "I love you" like a car with good brakes, airbags, and a built-in tracker.I really want to think of something positive to say. It's never been a goal of mine to be a super-vindictive or 'don't give a f*ck' type of reviewer and I want to add in positives when I can, but I didn't enjoy anything about this book. The sex didn't even do it for me. Someone else will probably have to fill me in on how the trilogy ends because this is going to be where the series and I part ways.